NosBellesAnnées – Complete Guide for Singles

Our Beautiful Years, is a dating site whose membership is paid but inexpensive, for people in their fifties and wishing to give a second chance toamour. Millions of people in their fifties singleswould not like to wait all day long in bars, restaurants or even constantly rub shoulders with nightclub to meet the ideal person who corresponds to his age group.

The perfect solution for them is to frequent a site of meet by affinity and for this, OurBeautifulYears was set up to make their job easier.

NosBellesAnnées – Getting Started Guide

Indeed, this is a user manual that will allow you to understand the operation of the platform in order to facilitate its use.

Online dating for 50+

Nos Belles Années invites you to make serious encounters and quality in your area. If you too are looking for singles over 50, our dating site is for you! Indeed, our community is part of a process of lasting and faithful relationship with a person sharing their state of mind. Our site highlights the following advantages: matchmaking for dating by affinity, platform recognized among the best, site features available on the phone, easy-to-use site, unique personality test, compatible profiles made available to you, secure site and private results .

1. How to configure your profile?

First of all, you will have to register for free using your email address on the platform. Then, complete the personality questionnaire that will be made available to you and allowing you to better understand your expectations in order to offer you compatible profiles. In addition to putting you in touch with singles in your area, we are also looking for the little extra to put you in touch with singles like you: this is the matchmaking.

Once done, you will select a profile photo that highlights you to dress up your page a little and so that Internet users have an idea of ​​your character. Once you are done with the tab Profileyou can refresh your page by adding some photos in Photos to make your profile more attractive because complete profiles with photos are more likely to be contracted by other singles; or go directly to Hobbies to find out about your hobbies, music styles and sports activities. Once a profile is completed, it will be easy to suggest users who will be compatible with you.

2. Properly configure your account on Nos Belles Années

Nothing simpler either! After creating a profile and answering all personality test questions, you must confirm your e-mail address to access the site. The procedure is as follows: on your right, in the bar at the very top of the site, click on your photo to access My account. You will find all your personal information there as well as your current membership, the matching options and the notification system to be configured according to your convenience by checking or unhooking the boxes.

3. How to use the site?

Thanks to the site’s ergonomics and sleek design, users won’t be able to get lost while using the various functions. Everything is carefully indicated, separately and with few categories, so that no one gets lost when using it. You can take advantage of the green banner at the top of the portal if you want to use the site quickly and fully. The latter includes: messages, compatible profiles, visitors, etc.

4. Operation of the NosBellesAnnées website

The registration having already been carried out as well as the personality test, you will be led to profiles having affinities with you. You only need to provide an email address and your date of birth in the personal information. Your profile being finalized, you can make meetings. This modern platform can be used on all types of media, both on Apple and Android. In addition, the site is fluid, pleasant and easy to use.

5. The features of NosBellesAnnées

Nos Belles Années is this complete portal which promotes meetings of mature people, more precisely over the age of 50. Browsing with a free account does not exclude the fact that you will need a paid membership to enjoy its features. In other words, Nos Belles Années offers the personality test and the discovery of the complete platform of the site free of charge, but it will be impossible for you to see the profiles, all the photos and to send messages.

Once subscribed, you will be provided with the following tools:

  • Sending messages through secure and reliable internet messaging;
  • Ability to find similar profiles via the tab compatible profiles ;
  • tab visitors which allows you to find out more about the people who have visited your profile;
  • The small magnifying glass allows you to find other profiles;
  • Function It’s your turnwhich offers the possibility of discovering more profiles compatible with yours;
  • Filter results using various search criteria such as height, religion or age.

6. How much does the NosBellesAnnées subscription cost?

For those who would like to test in order to engage in anything, it would be preferable to opt for a 3-month subscription at the rate of 29€/month because the Nos Belles Années platform does not currently offer a subscription. unique monthly for these.

On the other hand, if you are hesitant and want to save, then 6 months will certainly be suitable and that at the price of 15€/month.

However, if you want to take full advantage of the site while benefiting from all the advantages, the 12-month subscription (€14/month) is ideal and allows you to save more. Why is it absolutely profitable? At a rate of €29/month over 3 months with Premium Mini, you can get away with it for €87. However, with the 12-month Premium Zen subscription at a rate of €14/month, this amounts to €42 for 3 months, which is not bad!

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