Once [guide complet pour les célibataires]

Once [guide complet pour les célibataires]


Entry into the App

Of the dating apps, we create them every day. Dating sites, we discover every moment. So there are so many and each has its particularity and its depths. to find amis is not an easy thing. Hit on; trying to seduce a girl or a boy in the street is not easy in view of what other people say. You have to see everyone at work to judge for yourself. This is the reason why many are looking at the dating website in order to perfect their flirting scene.

Today, we’re talking about Once, this application of meetings which takes the opposite of Tinder. The app offers you a limited number of specific suitors for you every day. We can therefore believe that the promise of the great amour is close to no longer being hungry. Therefore, one wonders what the application has more than the others and also how it works. That said, we’re going to give you a guide complet on Once in the important continuation of our article.

Registration on Once

Like any dating application, you obviously have to register. You must have a user account to facilitate your access and also allow you to benefit from the services of the application on a daily basis and at all times.

Indeed, the registration is very fast and classic. Which is already an advantage unlike the long waiting times that we often go through with other dating applications through identifications from everywhere.

Registration can be done via Facebook, an email address or a simple telephone number. Just enter information like: age, gender, style preference (male, female, or both), height, ethnicity, and religion. Also, you must confirm your geolocation location and add a photo afterwards. Once this is done, the profiles will be directly exposed. We explain to you!!!

You can click on a cross if there is no affinity and on a heart if you want to position yourself. After that, you will have to wait. Nevertheless, you could look at other question profiles to reflect on your other possible choices to make.

Are you already registered ? We assume yes. So, it’s also time to understand a lot of other things about the app. You should have a clear idea of ​​all the other outlines.

Once is a free or paid application?

It’s a question with two answers rather satisfactory. At first we can say yes and then no. But it all depends on you as usual and your preferences or beliefs.

The app is freee if you agree to be offered a single suitor every day. Therefore, to have more choice, you will have to pay according to the price list. Here are the rates offered by the dating application.

  • For a monthyou have to pay 19.99 euros
  • For three monthsthe monthly subscription costs 15 euros (i.e. 45 euros for three months)
  • Pfor six months, the subscription costs 10 euros (a total of 60 euros for six months)

Indeed, these subscriptions give access to various services such as: determining the limits of the desired perimeter for the geolocation. It should also be noted that it is possible for women to rate the men they have met. This allows other girls who are members of the application to have some information about the person who has been awarded 1 to 5 stars. This is not a detail for women who want to avoid unscrupulous suitors.

Many believe that it is therefore better to use the Once app for free. However, it will be less playful and not too effective. We can’t leave without telling you about the crown formula. This formula which represents the accumulation of crowns to access a certain service.

What is the concept of Slow dating on Once?

Most dating sites advocate quantity over quality. With other dating sites like Tinder, contacts and meetings are multiplying. This suggests that the quantitative takes precedence over the qualitative. Yet the quantitative still does not solve relationship problems or even flirting.

This is why the designers of Once thought of offering a service that goes against this phenomenon to aim for the highest quality. As a result, a user is only offered a very limited number of suitors based on his personal and financial commitments. It should be specified that these are the suitors who are supposed to correspond to them by their profile and their proximity.

As a user, you have up to 24 hours to « like » the people you like and dismiss those who mean very little to you. So, if people « like » you back, it’s the match immediately. Then the chat can begin. If there is no match, just wait until the next day and so on.

What are the user reviews of the app?

There are so many reviews on Once and all of them talk about everything in general. Some complain that they only have profiles that are not too interesting to choose from. Others say that the number of people per day is too small to find true love.  » You have to be lucky to see yourself winning in this business “says a user. Some opinions point to the fact that the selection of profiles is not thorough enough.

However, we come across positive testimonials where we are pleased to have to wait impatiently and greedily for each lunchtime… Which suggests satisfaction on the one hand.

If you are interested, you must register in free mode. In our opinion you do not lose anything by doing it for free. You can’t stay like this and leave an opportunity to find your true love. You should also remember that when you register, you can enjoy all the services for 3 days.

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