Pink telephones in 9 Questions / Answers


Increasingly, many women work from home as a hostess messaging pink. Questions arise about the suitability of pink phones. Some even arise with the aim of knowing what the telephones roses, their role and many more. It will be a question for us to illustrate a complete understanding on pink phones through questions answers. That said, you will have an answer to the most important questions that torment your head on this subject.

What is the principle and concept of the pink telephone?

To tell you the truth, there is the « pink telephone definition » call platform which has the role of redirecting telephone calls to the hostesses on premium rate numbers. If you didn’t know, this is good information for you to pick up.

After redirection, they receive a commission on the facture end of the customer and are in charge of the advertising of its various services by using various supports like Internet sites, newspapers of the press and many others. Behind this answer, a question about the person at the end of the line arises: the hostess.

Who’s on the other end of the line?

Indeed, the « pink phone definition » server establishes the link between customers and animators. This is the general process. We speak in principle of the presence of hostesses.

An interface allows women to track earnings. This interface also allows the operator, via personalized access codes, to be able to connect or disconnect as desired from the network and to see her minutes of conversation in real time. When’animator is connected, the server makes visible all the advertisements it animates to allow the customer to choose the profile of the one with whom he wants to speak. Thus, the server therefore takes care of calling the hostess’s telephone number to put them in touch.

How do you know it’s pink phones?

Imagine yourself on a advertising in a magazine or on a website, a little date with a sexy woman who asks you to call a number to talk to her and tell her everything you’ve never dared to say to others.

You find yourself exchanging with the femme in question who asks you to caress you while she delicately moves her panties along her thighs listening to your sensual voice or imagining you slipping your tongue from her breasts to her small wet space.

It is necessarily a messaging pink. Is this your first time to hear about the pink phone? No worries. We explain to you…

Really, what do we call pink telephone?

The concept « pink telephone » is said first of all because of its erotic sexual connotation. This is the major reason why we preferred to call it that. At the time, there was what was called the “pink minitel”. Young people under 30 cannot have encountered this.

Briefly, it is a telephone platform that offers callers the possibility of having conversations of an erotic nature with a person from the sex opposite or as desired. The primary goal is very often to masturbate through a surcharged interactive voice server as specified above. So you have the primary functions of pink phones. So you know exactly what it is. It may be time to talk about taxes or costs related to this concept.

How much can it cost you to use pink phones?

We are not going to hide that many services related to pink telephones are chargeable. The transaction after a conversation on the pink phone can be done in two very different ways. These two ways are most often offered by the access provider.

In premier, it is about charging the customer who calls the naughty messaging hostesses via a premium rate number. The tariff is deducted directly from the customer’s telephone bill by the operator. A well-defined percentage is therefore granted to the publisher of the service in question.

In second place, the customer calls on a normal rate number and is asked to communicate his bank card number to continue talking to the woman he wants on the phone. Thus, the amount is taken directly from his account. That’s kind of what it’s about.

In general, it takes a minimum of 50c euro per minute, and more, if you want a live video.

Can you still find what you really like in pink messaging?

No matter your sexual orientation, no matter what you really like, no matter what your daily cravings are, there is always a way to satisfy you in pink messaging. Services are available in all directions sexual.

The leaders of the pink telephone know that they must satisfy everyone. So there are services for everyone.

What are the benefits of being a pink phone host?

There are so many perks in being a pink phone host. This activity allows you to take advantage of all the advantages offered by a job at domicile. As a result, you can choose your schedules, the rates to be charged to your customers and many others. It is also possible to have these advantages of doing this job and another in parallel. It is also a very well paid activity as the remuneration varies depending on your method of launching.

Do you need any special skills or knowledge for this job?

We will answer directly with a no. Anyone can get into this business without regret. You just have to give yourself objectives and not cross certain limits knowing that it is a secure activity at a distance. So have no fear. Anything can be learned if you put your mind to it.

What excites the most about pink messaging?

Everything depends on you. We don’t have the same tastes when it comes to excitement. Everyone has their fantasy, everyone has their desires and everyone knows what lifts them the best. Sensuality has an individual definition according to everyone. What excites me is not necessarily what excites you.

Some prefer the caresses of the hostess while others prefer sensual voices. This is the reason why there is no concrete key to excitement in pink messaging like in real life.

Are pink phones legal?

Yes, as long as the operators are of age, and it is not a question of prostitutionand that there is no physical meeting with customers.

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