SayTomorrow is no longer free, 5 non-paying alternatives

Since SayTomorrow paid off, it has become very difficult to meet people. Luckily for you, we have researched free dating sites the most reliable accessible to the French. So if you are looking for a dating sites free, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 5 sites of dating sites free the reliable ones accessible to the French.

In short, DisonsDemain is no longer free, 5 dating sites (which are) as alternatives:

1. is a 100% free dating site, since its creation in 2006 it is exclusively reserved for the community francophone from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. With its 5 million visitors, it is ranked at the top of the ranking of free dating sites in France. It is very popular not only for its community growing but also for the sleek design of its website.

The characteristics of is not at the top of the ranking of 100% free dating sites only because of its number of monthly visitors. Indeed, this site also has other characteristics that place it above other dating sites.

The first is the average age of the visitors of Indeed this average is 34.5 years, which means that visitors to are quite young. However, you can still meet profiles of people over 44 years old.

Then we have the duration of the relationship, which is also very variable. Indeed, there are both people looking for long-term relationships and people who just want a one-night stand.


Created in 2003, this dating site is accessible and 100% free to French-speaking countries such as Belgium, France, Quebec, Switzerland and even Luxembourg. It allows you to meet people based on very specific criteria. Indeed has the particularity of allowing users to meet people based on criteria such as age, interests, location or even favorite animals. It is precisely this feature that makes it so successful.

The characteristics of

Apart from these dating criteria, has other characteristics that differentiate it from other French dating sites. The first of its features is its chat system. Indeed is a dating site that is very focused on chat communication. This site has a very push chat system that allows you to interact with members without having to create an account. This feature makes this system very easy to use.

The other characteristic of is that it has a larger male community. Indeed there are more men than women on As for the average age, it is 26 years old. This site is used more by young people, in particular because of its ease of access.

For relationship durations, there are all kinds. However, most users do not envision a long-term relationship. In most cases it is a flash relationship, a one-night stand just for sex.

Apart from that, is a site that takes privacy very seriously. Indeed, it places great emphasis on respect for the privacy of its various members.


Existing since 1999, this dating site exceeds one million visitors each month. Its strength is its ease of use and its intuitive interface. Because indeed this site offers 2 methods of access to the members. Either you register or you log in with a visitor account. obviously if you use a visitor account you will not have access to all the features of the site. For example, you will not be able to create a photo album.

Features of

First of all, you should know that for a few years this dating site has been offering a premium version. This version gives access to new options and allowed him to monetize his audience. Then, like on most dating sites, on there are more men than women.

Then the community is more made up of young people (on the chat) attracted by the ease of use of the site’s interface. In particular because of the instant chat system resembling that of most known social networks.

As in other dating sites, most people who go there are only looking for purely sexual relationships. They are also for the most part couples or married people who seek to satisfy adulterous desires.


Also known as Plenty Of Fish, this dating site of Canadian origin was launched in 2000. It was initially very successful in the English-speaking community, it is only for a few years that it is really popular in the French-speaking area, particularly in France.

This site has the great particularity of having a personality test when registering and 4 other optional compatibility tests. These tests make it easier for you to do specific research on what you are looking for. You should also know that this dating site offers 2 types of accounts. First a free account with all the basic features and then a premium with many more possibilities.

The characteristics of

This site like most sites of its kind has a community mainly made up of men. Indeed there are 60% men for just 40% women. Apart from that, his community is relatively young. The average age of visitors is also 34.5 years, this average is justified by the existence of a mobile application.

Once again very little serious relationship. Indeed on most users of this dating site are only looking for short-term relationships. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of its users are men.


This dating site is open to all audiences provided they are of legal age. Indeed it offers to make homosexual, heterosexual, lesbian meetings and even senior meetings. It also has 4 categories, one for each type of meeting. This site, available in the majority of French-speaking countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium and even Quebec, owes its success mainly thanks to its openness and its free access.

The characteristics of

To begin with, as in most free dating sites, there are more men than women. Then the average age of users is 26, which is relatively young. This attraction of young people for this dating site is due to its interface. Indeed the latter is beautiful and intuitive very similar to those of tweeter or Facebook. This site is very easy to use and easy to learn.

As for the duration of the relationship, this site unlike the others has a lot of users who are looking for long-term relationships. However, there are also one-night stands, sex plans and even friendships.

Conclusion on the alternatives to DisonsDemain

Here you have the list of the 5 most reliable free sites accessible in France. Now you can register if you are looking for a soul mate or another type of relationship. However always keep in mind that free dating sites all present risks of raising fake profiles. In particular because of the free registrations without real verification so always be careful when you connect to it.

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