Singles in Amiens: The 7 dating zones

Singles in Amiens: The 7 dating zones

If you live in Amiensin the Somme, and that you are single, and that you wish to make metin order to put you in couple, or find a plan for a night, here are the places where get out first, if you are single and looking for love:

1. The leading dating sites in Amiens

The first thing to do to meet people in Amiens is to register on the most used dating sites in the Amiens capital, where single Picards are registered en masse, and are looking for the same thing as you. So here are the recommendations:

Your research Recommended Appss
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. Nightclubs to flirt with

  • The mirror, the nightclub

Do you want to have fun in the city center of Amiens? The one we can recommend is simply the Mirror. Indeed, the latter offers you background music that should please you. Rather commercial and electro, this club allows you to have fun with friends, but also to meet new people, which is not negligible.

Note also that if you have chanceyou can easily find a place just in front of the nightclub, to park your vehicle.

Address : 13 Rue des Francs Mûriers, 80000 Amiens

  • Infinity Club, le night club

Do you like chic and urban places? You don’t know which nightclub to turn to in Amiens? We can recommend the Infinity Club. Indeed, the latter is ideally located in the city center. You will therefore have the opportunity to dance to the rhythm of the music, in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, you really need to be careful about the outfit you are going to wear.

Indeed, it would be wise to opt for a classy outfit, so as not to be turned away the entrance to the nightclub.

Address : 87 Rue Gutenberg, 80000 Amiens

3. Trendy bars

  • The baobar

If you like very urban atmospheres, the baobar will certainly be your HQ for a long time. Indeed, very popular with the youth of Amiens, the latter is all the time! To hope to have a place, you will have to get there early. Indeed, the baobar is very famous for its cocktails, but also its crazy atmosphere. So, what are you waiting for to set foot there?

Ideal bar to invite a person met on a dating website.

Address : 2 rue des Bondes, 80000 Amiens, France

  • By the barrel and by measure

The notoriety of the barrel and to measure is well established! Indeed, many cities have this type of bar in their city centers. It is therefore interesting to take a trip there, if you like beer. Yes, as you must have guessed, it is a beer bar, where you can taste different kinds. So, nothing to worry about!

Note also that you can easily make new meetings, because the atmosphere there is very friendly.

Address : 4 Pl. Parmentier, 80000 Amiens

4. Meet people in a libertine club in Amiens

  • Sauna Le Dauphin, the libertine club

In Amiens, there are not thirty-six swingers’ clubs. There is a very famous one in the Amiens area which is none other than the Sauna Le Dauphin. You can therefore easily move around the different rooms, but also take advantage of the sauna and hammam which are available to you. Once again, don’t forget to take advantage of the bar, but also of the various shows that may be offered to you.

After all, you are there for yourself amuse and let go! Might as well go all out, no. Many women go solo, because free entry.

Address: 186 Rue Octavie Duchellier, 80470 Dreuil-lès-Amiens

5. Landing in parks, streets or squares.

  • St. Peter’s Park

Greenery and freshness, you can easily find it in Saint-Pierre park. Indeed, the latter has been fitted out so that walkers can easily get lost in the various alleys. It is possible to see bodies of water as well. You can’t swim, but it’s always nice to sit quietly next to them. Large lawn areas are also available to you.

You can perfectly read a book or just take a picnic, if you wish. Where to go talk to strangers.

  • The Street of 3 pebbles

A city without shops does not exist! And Amiens is proud to show you the rue des 3 pebbles. Indeed, the latter is pedestrian: many benches are placed everywhere. But it is also important to know that many shops are waiting for you. Whether it’s for your pleasure or simply finding a gift for someone, everything is possible!

  • Notre Dame Square

Place Notre Dame is a must in Amiens. And for good reason, on the latter you can observe the Notre-Dame cathedral. It is not as impressive as that of Paris, but it still has its charm. You can easily sit on the forecourt of the latter to enjoy the show!

You have to go and do some street docking, because you can meet women walking around there.

6. Get to know each other during a sports class

  • Fitness Club

Amiens also has its share of sports halls. And to make new acquaintances, it’s an ideal place. Indeed, many people have subscriptions in this room. So why not you ? In addition, a sports session from time to time will not hurt you.

7. Nightlife in Amiens

For further : If you have other recommendationson the places where go out in Amiens, if you are singlesyou can mention it in the comments:

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