Singles in Besançon: 7 places to meet

Singles in Besançon: 7 places to meet

If you live in Besanconin the Doubs, and you want to see people, and eventually put you in a relationship, well here are the places where to go firstin order to meet other singles :

1. Via dating sites

It may be a good idea to register on a dating site, because Besançon singles are certainly there. There are some interesting choices where to register:

Your research Recommended Apps
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. In a nightclub

  • The HQ Club, the nightclub

You like them nightclub ? Their underground vibe? But also meetings in this type of place? The QG Club is the ideal place where you can vibrate to the rhythm of music in Besançon. Note also that the HQ club has two rooms for two very different atmospheres:

  • The HQ club, for an electro atmosphere.
  • The lounge, for a much quieter atmosphere.

Choose the room you want! After all, you can always change during the evening. Ideal for flirting on the dance floor.

Address : 10 Chem. de Mazagran, 25000 Besançon

  • Le Teasing, le night club

Le Teasing is also another very famous nightclub in Besançon. Indeed, you can spend moments of pure happiness with friends. Note also that at Teasing, many events are organized by the nightclub. So you can choose the day you like, to have fun.

Nevertheless, it is very important to know that whatever the day, it is a nightclub always crowded! Suffice to say that the atmosphere is there!

Address : 2A Rue du Gay, 25220 Chalezeule

3. In busy bars

  • E Bar Besancon

The E Bar of Besançon is a place where you can easily spend time with your colleagues, but also your friends. Whether it’s lunch, before returning in the evening, or leaving the latter as an afterwork, anything is possible! Note also that the E Bar is a very modern place. We advise you to dress in a rather classy way to go there. Not that you will be turned away because of your outfit, but you have to stay in the theme of the atmosphere.

Ideal bar to make a date with a person met on a dating website.

Address : 37 Av. Font Argent, 25000 Besançon

  • Madigan’s

Do you like beer? Do you like the atmosphere of Irish pubs? Then you will appreciate Madigan’s! Indeed, you will be immersed in the depths of Ireland, for your greatest happiness. On the program, a breathtaking atmosphere and endless beers! If you wish, you can perfectly taste each of them! Do not hesitate to say which one you prefer, although the choice seems difficult.

Address : 17 Pl. du 8 Septembre, 25000 Besançon

4. In a libertine club (and its evenings)

  • The reservoir, the club libertine

Do you want a slightly more original evening? You do not want to go jiggle on a dance floor? You can always go to a swingers club. In Besançon, the one we recommend is simply the reservoir. Indeed, the latter is rather spacious and advantageous in terms of price. It is also important to note that you will easily be able to find your place at this place.

However, you should know that a proper attire is required, otherwise you will not be able to enter the latter. Take the time to enjoy the hammam and sauna, when it suits you.

Address : 1 Rue Charles Fourier, 25000 Besançon

5. Approach women in parks, streets and gardens

  • Micaud Park

Parc Micaud is a very beautiful park near Besançon. Indeed, with its body of water and its alleys, you can easily walk, run or simply stroll! It has existed since 1843, so it is a park which is well established in the region and which is not about to disappear. Many floral arrangements were able to see the light of day.

You will therefore be able to take advantage of it, while hoping meet a single person!

  • The High Street

A sudden urge to go shopping? You don’t know where to go in Besançon. The city being rather small, the choice will necessarily be limited. Indeed, the one and only shopping street in Besançon is only the Grande Rue. So you can find all the shops you need: clothes, accessories, shoes, video games, everything is there!

  • Place Jouffroy d’Abbans

Do you want to visit the city of Besançon? Be aware that one of the most popular areas is still the Place de Jouffroy d’Abbans. Located near the city center, this square will allow you to rest, but also to learn a little more about the city. Pretty handy, right?

6. In the gym

  • Club Moving Besançon Downtown

Moving helps you stay healthy! Nevertheless, going to a gym allows you to meet new people. The best gym that currently exists in Besançon is none other than Club Moving Besançon downtown.

Subscribe to group lessons, because it is the best place to develop complicity with the other members.

7. Videos about Besançon

For further : if you have other ideas for outings in Besançonwhen we are single, you can to share in the comments below:

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