Singles in Lyon: 7 places to meet

Singles in Lyon: 7 places to meet

If you live in Lyonin the capital of Gaul, and you are looking for a boyfriend / girlfriend in order to get out of celibacy, and that you want to get in a relationship, and meet new people, make friends, and well here are the places to visit in order to meet singles:

1. On a dating site

A good strategy to follow would be to register on one of the dating apps, in order to see all the single women from Lyon who are registered there, and there are thousands of them. So here are our recommendations :

Your research Recommended Apps
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. In a nightclub

  • Le Petit Salon (the nightclub)

Lyon’s emblematic nightclub, the Petit Salon allows you to unwind in no time. Indeed, after a good week of work, it’s time to let go in a crazy atmosphere! This is what the Petit Salon offers you. Moreover, you can easily meet singles, since this nightclub attracts many Lyonnais! For the dress code, you can keep it simple, but a shirt or dress has never hurt anyone.

Address : 3 rue Cronstadt, Rue Paul Duvivier, 69007 Lyon

  • Le Sucre (the trendy night club)

This nightclub in the second arrondissement has been the talk of the town for many years! And for good reason, you can be in an underground atmosphere for your greatest happiness! Note also that it is a rooftop that will offer you an impressive view of the city. Enough to impress, but it will also allow you to pack the girl of your choice in no time! You will therefore be able to access it on Friday, Saturday, but also on Sunday evening.

Many evenings are organized there especially for singles. Instead niceYou can not find ?

Address : 50 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon

3. In Lyon bars

  • The Valseuses

Do you prefer bar atmospheres? We can offer you Les Valseuses. You should know that the latter is located in the first arrondissement of Lyon and that it is an essential place for young people from Lyon. So you can dance, listen to music, drink and have fun in an atypical setting. With the vibe that this place exudes, you can easily meet someone in no time.

This trendy bar is perfect to go have a drink with a date you met on a dating website.

Address : 1 Rue Chappet, 69001 Lyon

  • the coffee hut

Do you like more Latin atmospheres? The cabana café is therefore the place to go for a caliente atmosphere! Once you have danced, do not hesitate to taste some taps offered by the bar. Note also that if you have danced salsa with a stranger, you can easily invite her to eat! So, all you have to do is convert. Yes, dance, sometimes, it brings people together!

Address : 1 Rue Chappet, 69001 Lyon

4. In a libertine club

  • Le Sun Libertin (Suncity)

Do you want to find yourself in an atypical place? Being completely out of place while staying in your city? The Sun Libertin is definitely the place for you. And for good reason, you can easily be disoriented since the decor is Hindu. Nevertheless, it is not less than 2800m² of pleasure that you will be able to see. Note also that you will be able to take full advantage of the sauna, hammam and jacuzzi: it is one of the best ways to meet people after all.

Single women are enough many in libertine clubs, because entry is free for them.

Address : 3 Rue Sainte-Marie-des-Terreaux, 69001 Lyon

5. Dock in a park, street or square

  • The Tete d’Or Park

This is the largest free animal park in France. Yes, you can easily discover the animals, while walking through the aisles of the latter. You should also know that you can do other activities such as rollerblading, cycling or pedal boating. The Tête d’Or park also offers many grassy esplanades where you can easily land.

What to do met fast, if that’s your goal. Especially since the park is a privileged place to dodocking of street.

  • Republic Street

This is the place to be for shopping. Indeed, you can find department stores such as Printemps or Monoprix. But you can enter clothing shops, perfumeries or even shoe shops. As you must know, this is where all Lyonnais go to shop.

Do not hesitate to go to the Town Hall Square, which is at the end of the latter. You have to go talk to celibs, whose physique Please.

  • Place Bellecour

All Lyonnais know Place Bellecour. And for good reason, it is the starting point of rue de la République. Very large, you can find the Ferris Wheel in winter, but also the statue of Louis XIV. Note also that if you need information about the city, the Tourist Office is located there. Another fun place to meet new people so.

6. In gyms

  • The apartment

With its several rooms all around the city, the Appart’ is certainly the one that will satisfy you the most! Indeed, you can find many activities, but also do your sport in different parts of the city.

It is therefore easy to meet mondewithin the latter, especially if you register in group lessons, where it is easy to trade.

7. Night Life in Lyon

For further : if you have other places to recommend for singles outings in Lyonyou can recommend in the comments below.

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