Singles in Toulon: 7 places to meet

Singles in Toulon: 7 places to meet

If you live Toulonthe Var prefecture, known for its military harbour, and that you want to meet others singles, here are the locations to be preferred in order to make met :

1. On Toulon dating sites

the place where most singles who want to meet people go is dating apps. Here are the recommended sites:

Your research Recommended websites
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. In a nightclub

  • The Prosper Club, the nightclub

In Toulon, the Prosper Club is a must. Indeed, you can easily find many Toulonnais who come to party in this type of place. It is also important to give that it has a atmospheric bar and disco. This way, you can easily get on the dancefloor! It is also important to note that you can perfectly have more commercial music than others. Let’s not forget that you can also enjoy disco evenings.

Don’t be afraid to go dock at a dance party, it remains a place privileged to meet singles.

  • Le Black Jack, le night-club

It’s a real nightclub, with a very thoughtful concept. Indeed, the Black Jack is the flagship place of Toulon. And for good reason, you can enjoy yourself in various places:

  • On the beach.
  • Straight to the nightclub
  • Simply take advantage of the atmospheric bar that will be at your disposal.

So you can spend a great evening as you see fit. The met are also done very quickly in this type of place.

3. In trendy bars

  • The Old Coucou, the atmospheric bar

Do you like original places? With decorations that are out of the ordinary? Don’t know where to spend your evening? But you don’t want to go to a nightclub? The Old Coucou is a very nice atmosphere bar. Indeed, many drinks will be offered to you, which is not negligible. In addition, you can enjoy the music, alone or with friends, depending on what you want.

Take your courage in both hands, and go offer a drink to the man or the woman you like. It could start a great story.

  • The beer of the harbor

As you can imagine, the beer of the harbor is a bar ofambiance, where you can easily drink beers. If you don’t like this drink, you will have to go your way and head to another place. In an industrial decor, you can easily have fun with your friends, but also meet new people. Of the events may also be offered from time to time: you must purchase tickets for these.

4. In a swingers club

  • La Chrysalide Club, swingers club

La Chrysalide Club is a place swinger where you can easily meet new people. Between the cuddly corners, the theme evenings or the SPA and balneo area, you will be served! Note also that you can find a restaurant to eat. Of course, the outfit you wear must be classy, ​​to be able to enter this type of place. So you can do whatever you want, or almost…

Women can enter freeand men have to pay a high price to enter.

5. In parks and gardens

  • The Pré Sandin park

This meadow is located directly near the Saint Jean high school. Indeed, the latter owns some land in the park. Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to walk through the paths of your park as you see fit. Dogs are allowed, provided they are kept on a leash, of course. It is also important to specify that if you have children, a play area is reserved for them.

So you can make them play (if you have any) and to meet new people at the same time.

  • Cours Lafayette and its shopping alley

Do you want to go shopping? Or just bring back memories? New encounters are also made during shopping sessions! And it is on the Cours Lafayette that you can do this! Indeed, you will find many shops. The window lifter is of course allowed! After all, nothing forces you to buy anything.

Take the opportunity to make « eyes catching »with the women you like, and to go to land to start the discussion.

  • The place of freedom

The place of freedom is a place which is very appreciated of the Toulon people. Indeed, the latter is nicely decorated: you can easily see palm trees. It is very nice to walk on the latter. Indeed, a few benches are stored if you really want to sit down.

If you feel more comfortable, you can go there with friends, in order to go accost women (with all due respect!), if it helps you overcome your timidity.

6. In the gym

  • The fitness apartment, the sports club

Want to spend? While meeting new people? There is nothing complicated! Indeed, all you have to do is sign up for the fitness apartment! Between the group lessons and the set, you will be delighted! Fitness is not far away. Group lessons are the ideal places to meet people, since they growinteraction between members.

7. Night Life in Toulon

If you have other ideas of places to do meetings in Toulonand its surroundings, you can specify it in the comments below:

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