Suck her man well via 6 video tutorials

Suck her man well via 6 video tutorials

If you want to learn how to make a good blowjob to your man, here are the best advice from coaches (via videos) to succeed in fellatio:

  1. Video 1: How to perform a blowjob properly?

Blowjob allows you to bring more chilli pepper in the sex life of couple. The particular aim is to increase the desire and human excitement. This is a preliminary before sex, but it can also be done just to make the man come.

The mouth and tongue play a significant role when it comes to fellatio. To suck the man well, you have to sufficiently lubricate the penis with saliva. For this, it is necessary to lower the tongue and position the penis down the throat. But the hand also has its role to play.

While sucking the penis, the hand can perform a masturbation while the 2nde hand can both knead the testiclestouch the pelvic floor and caress the anus. You can also use your mouth to stimulate these zones.

This will grant man a unimaginable intense pleasure. Note also that the look is also very important. With a naughty and seductive look, you will increase your man’s excitement even more. Finally, a very important point that should not be overlooked: the rhythm must be sustainedt regular so as not to cause pain.

When the man approaches theejaculationyou can accelerate rhythm.

  1. Video 2: Pro techniques for better fellatio

Few women fully master the concept of fellatio. Even those who claim to be experts in domain are wrong often. Sucking a man is not enough to know how to use tongue or mouth.

Other criteria must be considered. First of all, you have to pay particular attention to the temperature. In order to provide a better feeling to the man, there should be more contrast between the temperature of the woman’s mouth and the dick.

During fellatio, the woman must also consider 3 very important elements: depth, speed and pressure.

The deeper the rod goes, the better the fun. Likewise, by accelerating the fellatio speed and exerting enough pressure on the penis further increases the sensation.

However, it must be understood that a good sucker should be able to regulate human arousal. To make the pleasure last, you have to know how to vary the 3 elements just mentioned. What must be avoided above all is the use of teeth during fellatio.

  1. Video 3: Simple and effective technique for a better man’s orgasm

Much of the work is psychological. Despite efforts in the stimulation sex, the woman’s attitudes play a significant role during the act of fellatio. It is already a factorexcitation in man.

In order to have a successful fellatio, it is very important to detect sensitive areas. In this way, the pleasure of the man will be guaranteed. The points most sensitive of the penis are in particular the glans, the crown and especially the nerve below the crown.

Special attention should also be paid to the brake which is the front side of the penis. The most experienced suckers know very well that the stimulation from this point provides an extreme sensation during fellatio. Before sucking off your man, never forget to lubricate sex with saliva or a water-based lubricant.

During fellatio, do not neglect the role of the hands either. While your hand squeezes the base of the penis, the tongue sucks the upper part of the penis with rotational movements. It’s very effective.

  1. Video 4: How to do it well in fellatio?

There is no foolproof technique when it comes to fellatio. As men each have their own fantasies et desires, only the woman can know how to make her man come. However, it is very important to have theurge to do.

You shouldn’t feel obliged to give a blowjob if you don’t have the necessary motivation. L’excitation of man will largely depend on your application and the energy you put into the exercise. Another key point is the communication as well as listening.

The goal is to know exactly the expectations of man. Some men like to feel pains and require, for example, the use of teeth. Others, on the other hand, seek more sensuality and delicacy.

  1. Video 5: Effective tips for a good blowjob

Blowjob can be a preamble or one preliminary to sexual intercourse, but it can also be performed to bring immense pleasure to the man indescribable. Before performing fellatio, you must be sure you want to do it.

Indeed, men are very visuals and they recognize immediately if you don’t feel like doing it or if you have certain blockages. Sucking a man isn’t just about moving your mouth back and forth, but it’s about with a real oral caress.

You have to act with gentleness and finesse if you want to offer your man better satisfaction. The most sensitive parts that absolutely must be stimulated during oral sex are essentially the gland, the frenulum and the underside of the crown.

Advice to remember: it is an exchange that requires communication. It is always necessary to be guided by the man so that the fellatio is a total success.

  • Video 6: Successful fellatio via 7 tips

Before snogging your man, you will have to be absolutely convinced that you want to do it. Once decided, pay particular attention to the atmosphere of the place such as the intensity of the lightsmell or musique. All these elements play a non-negligible role in the preparation for fellatio

Then, choose the ideal place that will suit you as well as the position to adopt. During fellatio, you have to be creative. For example, vary the caresses, modify the position of the hands, stimulate certain sensitive areas such as the anus or the perineum.

To show the man that you take pleasure in sucking his penis, look him in the eye. This will excite him even more. Last very important advice: ask him what he appreciates. This way you are sure to succeed. blowjob, even if it’s your first time.

Remember that men are not all the same. They each have their own preferences and fantasies.

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