Tantrism in 15 questions and answers

Tantrism in 15 questions and answers

Tantrism is not known to everyone. However, the subject is both accessible and enriching when one moves away from the great theory to move on to practice. You want to know more ? Then explore our series of questions!

1- What is Tantrism?

Etymologically, the word tantrism is a combination of two Sanskrit words: we say meaning expansionet Trayati meaning releasewhich gives the word tantra which in turn means release / expansion. So the tantrism is a spiritual current which has found its way into many religions, especially hinduismon a story of 1500 ans. Fundamentally, tantra is a set of texts and rituals aimed at reaching a state of full awakening through the exploration of the senses.

2- What is the relationship between sex and tantrism?

According to Tantrism and its followers, sex is a privileged means of accessing spirituality, therefore sacred. So we can say in simple terms that Tantra is a way of make sensuality, eroticism and sex a means of gratification, a tool to expand the realm of ordinary consciousness.

3- Tantrism: what is it exactly?

We speak of tantric sex when during sexual intercourse, we keep sex as we know it (without performance, intense movement, hasty penetration, pure physical connection), for dance like Shiva and Shakti do (representatives of the divine union in the Tantric tradition) in not just looking for fun more ecstasy of senses, mind and body.

4- What is the goal of tantrism?

The goal of tantrism is to find and feed your own sacred fire through love and eroticism.

5- What are the benefits of tantrism for sex?

The benefits of tantra practice are innumerable, but it can be noted that it helps you to develop your sexuality, your senses and your sensory sensations ; teaches you to control your pleasure, help you have deeper or more intense, continuous, longer orgasms, and make karmic agreements with yourself and others.

6- What are the advantages of tantric sex for men?

For men, tantra can help controlling their erections or ejaculation. Sometimes a man can even cum without ejaculating, thus continuing the journey much to the delight of his partner. But again, it’s not an end in itself, for the simple reason that it has no end in itself other than pleasure. A man does not necessarily need his sex to practice tantric sex.

7- What is the golden rule of tantric sexual practice?

The golden rule of tantric sex is to always remember that there is no sexual projection during the exercises. If you do these exercises for the purpose of having sex afterwards, you lose the benefit of the encounter. You have to separate the sex from the connection or the meeting will no longer be free. In short, he it’s not about trying to have sex, but about trying to live in the moment and connect.

8- What are the key words of tantric sex?

The key words to create a space of tantric exploration are: time, intention and ritual

Time : A date with yourself or a partner allows you to take a break in time to fully live the moment.

Intention : it’s a wish for something, like having fun, getting your energy flowing, meditating together, connecting with God, etc.

The ritual : make yourself beautiful or beautiful, bathe or shower, spray toilet water, light candles, incense, offer music, massage oil, heat the place.

9- How can a lover act according to tantrism?

He likes to touch his partner’s vagina, he likes to feel his cock slipping when he walks to the door, he likes to hear her moan with desire and pleasure, he likes to see her smile with complicity and passion, he likes to see her squirm inviting her in, he likes to see her happily emaciated, her vagina plunging, he likes to feel her totally wet, he likes to penetrate her inch by inch and feel in a silky sheath.

10- What can be the 3 exercises that one can do alone to control one’s sexual energy?

These 3 exercises can be:

Strengthening your penis: The exercise involves placing a towel over your erect penis to harden it, a type of genital lift

Strengthening your vagina: You intensify your erotic sensations thanks to the contraction of the perineum or the geisha ball.

Resistance to the call of orgasm : Alone or with a partner, try to delay orgasm as much as possible to increase your power. For this exercise, when arousal is at its peak, you should take a deep breath and contract your muscles to stop ejaculation or orgasm.

11- How to understand the spirit of Tantra?

A state of mind is considered a method of exploration. Tantrism is like taking time, relaxing to enjoy all the senses, it is the path to pleasure and ecstasy. Tantrism opens new sensations, opens very powerful (and disturbing) bonds between partners, opens a real quality of spiritual presence, because physical presence is one thing, but spiritual presence is another.

12- What concrete examples of tantric sexuality exist in practice?

Concrete examples are:

The practice of tantric massage: The tantric massage that we give ourselves cultivates these energetic and emotional sensations. They open a path to self-knowledge in the yin dimension of one’s being as a gateway to the divine.

La masturbation : There are different levels of engagement, from dancing and undressing to self-massage, petting and “masturbation”. Either way, this ritual allows you to get to know your partner better.

The practice of position 69: Ideal practice of letting go and merging, the 69 position has a beautiful symbolic meaning.

13- How much ideal time should a couple devote to tantrism?

It is ideal for the couple to devote two hours a week so that couples can work together on tantra, without necessarily having libertine practices with other couples.

14- Don’t we often practice tantric sex without knowing it?

In fact, we unknowingly practice tantric techniques when we surcommuniquons (tell the other person what we like about him/her), constantly seek physical contact with the other person (not necessarily sexual), practice a lambda massage immersed in looking deep into each other’s eyes, we bathe or light candles to relax the atmosphere in a sexy massage.

15- Are there tantra workshops in France?

Of course, there are also tantra or tantric yoga workshops in France, but try at home. With a little practice, it is entirely possible to practice Tantra at home.

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