Test and Certificate of virginity: know how it works

You are about to marry a femme ? And you want to have theassurance that she is a virgin ? And suddenly, you would like to know the procedure for a virginity test ? And find out if it is possible to get a test for the presence of the hymen ? To find out more, here is all the information you need to know about the test and certificate of virginity.

Test and Certificate of virginity: know how it works

Everything you need to know about the Virginity test and certificate, its operation, its reliability, and its areas of issue.

(!) Namely that it is prohibited in France and can only be practiced abroad (Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, South Africa, Morocco, Zimbabwe etc.).

  1. What is meant by a virginity test

The test is to check whether the woman is still a virgin or not. More precisely, we make sure that she has never had any sexual intercourse all her life. The goal is thus to observe the state of the hymen, which is a membrane covering the entrance to the vagina. If it remains intact, this confirms that the woman is still a virgin. The slightest anomaly could sow doubt for the person who requested the test.

  1. How is the test carried out?

The test is usually performed by a doctor. It can be a gynecologist or a simple general practitioner. It all depends on the requirement of the applicant. When the person concerned is well settled, the doctor proceeds to observe him. He will scrutinize the sex of the woman in order to detect possible perforations and tears or quite simply to evaluate the size of the opening. The best method of checking is using two fingers. This often produces pain for the woman. It is important to note that in some countries the test is carried out by police officers.

  1. Is the virginity test reliable?

It is important to note that each woman has her own particularity. While some are born with an intact hymen, others have none or barely have one. It also happens that the hymen tears during the period of childhood without the person in question being aware of it. Faced with these situations, it is difficult to confirm precisely without any margin of error that the person is indeed a virgin based solely on the state of the hymen. Scientifically, it is absolutely difficult to prove. Note that according to the WHO report in 2018, virginity tests have no scientific value and present an imminent danger for women. In reality, only the person concerned would be able to confirm whether they are still a virgin or not.

  1. Why is a virginity test done?

In some African and Asian countries as well as in some European countries, the test remains a prerequisite for the marriage bond. Indeed, it is considered that the woman must be pure and clean before marriage and that only her husband should discover it. The countries concerned by this provision are essentially: Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, South Africa, Morocco, Zimbabwe and even Libya. The list is still long.

In the case of rape, the virginity test is also the best way to verify the validity of the accusation. However, this practice is never easy for the person concerned. Some are even victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

⇒ Note that the virginity testing is prohibited in France. It is indeed considered as an attack on the freedom of persons. The WHO even denounces that it is a violation of several human rights, including the rights of girls and women. In addition, the doctor is bound by the code of ethics to respect the patient. Thus, anyone who requires the practice of such a test is liable to criminal prosecution.

  • How much does a virginity certificate cost?

The certificate is practiced by a doctor. Thus, it is necessary to count the price of a consultation of one hour, to which, it is possible to add a donation to the local Imam, so that he validates the certificate of virginity. Thus, count a maximum of 50€ for the certificate.

  1. Establishment of a virginity certificate

It is the responsibility of the gynecologist or general practitioner who carried out the test to draw up this document. It is a sort of proof that the woman never had any sexual relationship with another man before the wedding. The certificate should thus clearly mention the name of the doctor and his patient. The document clearly states that the person has no signs of defloration. It is however important to point out that this certificate of virginity is highly disputed given the fact that the finding of virginity is based solely on observation with the naked eye. Which is far from reliable from a medical and ethical point of view. Moreover, it is quite simply discrimination against women. It is for this reason that the issuance of such a certificate is prohibited in France.

The only time the certificate is acceptable is when the request is made as part of a medico-legal necessity. Thus, there should be a requisition from the judicial services. Two cases are provided for in this specific case: request for annulment of an unconsummated marriage or to record sexual violence. Which is not always obvious because as we have already mentioned previously, the presence of a hymen is not compulsory for all women.

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