The 5 Best Dating Sites For Sugar Baby

The 5 Best Dating Sites For Sugar Baby

Do you want to know more about the phenomenon of sugar daddy & sugar babies in France ? In this article, we have detailed the majority of the most important information to know, as well as the list of sites meetings specializing in this « type of meeting », with our opinion for each of them. And don’t forget my selection of 5 sites with the most people in this niche in France 🇫🇷 !

Meetings between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”

The phenomenon of Sugar Daddy came straight from the United States, and developed during the 90s, with the development of the dating website specialists, including industry leaders (such as Suggar Daddy). The phenomenon develops in Europe, to the point that many companies are getting into this niche. We answer a few questions and offer a comparison of dating sites pour « sugar daddy » and « sugar baby » that you can ask yourself.

The sites are ranked by the estimated number of members in France

1. RichMeetBeautifull, the leader of the meeting between men & women interested

You are there on the site with the more profiles of women « babies » registered. It is an international company that has developed its platform in all countries of the world. As a result, you can find there (beyond the French), Ukrainian, Russian, Asian or African women. There are many French students there. Necessarily interestedbut it’s up to you, if the concept appeals to you.

2. SuccesFull Gentlemen, the second market player

SuccesFull Gentlement is the second actor in France dating sites between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”. This is one of the first sites launched in France, and benefits from spontaneous notoriety, in particular thanks to TV reports and a large advertising budget. This is the specialized site where you will find a large number of profiles, whether for women or men. To discover inevitably.

3. VictoriaMilanone of the largest sites in the USA

Came straight from the United States, VictoriaMilan is one of the largest libertine and dating sites in North America. He launched his version for Sugar Daddies. The members are very international, with many students and/or unemployed women.

4. SugarDaddy, the market challenger

In fourth position in France, SugarDaddy is a copy/paste of the American version. It’s about second site in terms of audience, despite a greater seniority. It offers similar features to other major dating sites on the market. Example: Meetic, AdopteUnMec, Tiilt or HugAvenue. Both men and women must pay a monthly fee in order to benefit from messaging between singles.

5. SugarDatersthe most international

Less present in France, but better represented abroadyou can register for SugarDaters, resolutely oriented internationally. If you want to target a woman present in the EAST countries, see in Russia, this is probably a site to be privileged. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a romantic and lasting relationship with a French woman, it is better to go your own way.

Video on sugar babies

Three interviews on the reality of the situation (and its excesses, prostitution).

Sugar Baby / Daddy Questions and Answers

What does the Sugar Daddy phenomenon mean?

The Sugar Daddy phenomenon is a new type of dating that developed in the United States, and is now arriving in Europe. In this type of relationship, the man is called Sugar Daddy (daddy cake in French), while the woman, Sugar Baby (cake girl in French).
The Sugar Daddy can be explained by the desire of women and men to come together around elements that interest. In this type of relationship, sugar baby bring their youth and carelessness while men bring experience and experience.

Is sugar dating prostitution?

No, it’s not about prostitution though. The prostitution is also condemned by law, and if one of the dating sites realizes that a member prostitutethe person will have their account closed. There may be a financial assistance between membersbut this must be done without any physical consideration or sexual service.

Are Sugar Daddy necessarily rich?

You should know that the sugar baby do not seek not just monetary comfort. They are also looking for a experienced man, who has lived, and who can reassure them, comfort them, and help them make the right choice. So if you are not not a millionaire, you can still claim devenir un Sugar Daddy.

How old are the Sugar Baby & Daddy usually?

There is no minimum age, as there is no maximum age. There are Suger Daddy who are very young, from 25 years old, but they systematically have something financially or culturally to bring to the woman. And moreover, the « sugar baby » prefer relatively young men, to « sugar daddy » beyond 65 years.

How Much Should You Give a Sugar Baby?

As a reminder, the prostitution is prohibited (and condemned by law), and you can only make donations, without to oblige nothing in return. For information, students need on average 800€ per month, in order to cover their registrations, rents, various purchases and food. It will be a donation, without nothing to expect in return.

What do sugar babies do with their money?

The vast majority of sugar babies are students. They use the money offered by their protector to pay their rents, shopping, housing tax, see even times sometimes, pay the tuition fees. In generalmembers are looking for a solution to support their daily bills.

What are the legal risks of being a Sugar Daddy?

If it is not prostitution or escorting, you risk nothing at all. It is quite possible to give gifts to his girlfriend. On the other hand, if the policy requires the qualifier of prostitutionand as a customer, you risk a fine of 1500€ (article 132-11 of the Code Criminal) and 3,750th in the event of a repeat offence, with an entry on your criminal record.

Activities to do with a Sugar Baby

Activities What to do ?
Restaurant Going to a restaurant is a pleasant activity, since you will be able to exchange views, around a good dish, and a good drink, and to have a deep relationship.
Go shopping You can bring your sugar baby to go shopping. However, this can quickly cost you dearly, so you should rather go to low-end places, otherwise your credit card could heat up…
Take a walk in the city center It’s nice to walk around, hand in hand, with a lovely woman, and to see passers-by envy you.
To reserve a hotel room If you get along well, it is possible that you can conclude on a 5 to 7, in a hotel room, in charming company… for an intimate moment.
Visit a museum If you are in the company of a cultured and elegant woman, it is interesting to be able to share a moment of culture, and to have a conversation about the works of art that you admire.
Theater, Exhibition or Opera It may be a good idea to take your partner to see a play or an opera. It is the guarantee of having a good time.


For further : There you go, please share your experience in the comments below, in order to share your opinion with men and women, who are thinking of registering on these dating sites.

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