The 5 Best Speed ​​Dating Parties in Paris

The 5 Best Speed ​​Dating Parties in Paris

You are singleand you are looking for a innovative way to meet your soul mate?

let you convince by speed dating. A modern and fun way to chat with a dozen singles during an evening. We answers your questions, and above all, we give you the best addresses in Paris, in order to spend a quality evening, and we wish you, to meet love.

The 5 Best Speed ​​Dating Parties in Paris

We will start with answer the questions that you are probably wondering about speed dating, as well as giving you some tips to make a good impression, before you list the best speed dating parties of the capital.

The list of Speed ​​Dating parties in Paris

here is our list of organizers of Speed ​​Dating parties in Paris, ranked according to my assessment of the quality of the events offered:

  • Meetic offers bachelor parties, including sometimes Speed ​​Dating. To participate, you must be registered, but not necessarily a member. Members with a paid subscription benefit from a reduction of approximately 2 euros. Registration aux speed dating Meetic.
  • The parisian leader of the eastern sector Le Speed Dating“, with a lot of dates listed in Paris and its surroundings. Small problem, it is the most expensive organizer on the market, with prices around 30 € per person.
  • Third in the sector, the company  » Happy Friends » which also offers Speed ​​Dating evenings in Paris. The advantage is that it clearly announces the age range of the participants, unlike other platforms, so you are less likely to be disappointed with the participants.

  • 4th actor: the company « Happy Singles » offers speed dating evenings in Ile de France, but also Tapas evenings and afterwork. There will be something for everyone. I have not tested it. Your opinions in comments please.

  • 5th and last actorthe company Speed Dating » organizes only 10-minute Speed ​​Dating evenings & promises 10 meetings per event. It seems relatively serious, with a clear website, and full of information. It covers the major French cities.

Questions & Answers on Speed ​​Dating.

  • Where does speed dating usually take place?

Speed ​​dating usually takes place in a bar. The bartender installs tables of 2, next to each other, to facilitate intimacy of discussions and ease of moving between tables.

In general, the speed dating organizer collects all the money from your registration, and the bartender is paid on the drinks you will consume during the evening.

  • How does a speed dating party go?

Once everyone has arrived, the women get seated first (and will keep their seats until the end). Then, the « master of ceremonies » distributes the men on the women’s tables, so that each woman has a man in front of her.

The « Gong » rings, and people have between 8 and 15 minutes to discuss. At the end of this time, the gong sounds, and the men must move on to the next table.

Namely that you can have a small notebook, in order to note the name of the single person in front of you, and to annotate some interesting information on the person, but know that you must not keep your nose in your notebook, at least risk of the single person in front of you being indisposed.

  • How long does a Speed ​​Dating last?

In general, you will have an average of 10 minutes to chat with singles. And count 2 hours for the entire evening, although this will strongly depend on the number of participants.

  • How many singles will I meet during a party?

On average, you will meet between 7 and 12 singles of the opposite sex during a speed dating evening. Men are generally slightly outnumbered,

  • How much does speed dating cost?

The rates vary, depending on the facilitator who organizes them. It is necessary to count on average between 15€ per person, and up to 30 in Paris. Drinks are almost never included, and you will have to plan a small additional budget (between 10 and 20€), in order to have something to refresh yourself during the evening. Note that some organizations provide discounts if you come with friends, then you can benefit from a discount.

  • Is speed dating only for heterosexuals?

Speed-dating is not reserved for heterosexuals, quite the contrary. Organizers offer them between men and women, wanting to meet a person of the same sex.

The prices are generally the same. Only the organization of the tables differs, since it is necessary in this case, that each of the participants can meet, and exchange, not only people of a different sex for heterosexuals.

  • What point do I have to confirm before registering?

Before registering, you must absolutely validate the age group of the people registered. That is to say, the age range must correspond to your research, in order to avoid ending up with people who are too young or too old.

  • How do I retrieve the contact details of other participants?

There are several schools, depending on the organizer:

  • Either the organizer, at the end of the evening, distributes a sheet with the contact details of all the participants.
  • Or (the most frequent case), the participants select on the Internet (after speed dating) the singles they liked, and in the event of a reciprocal “match”, they have access to mutual contact details.

Trick : nothing prevents you from discreetly (and intelligently) asking for the contact details of the person who caught your eye, in order to be sure of being able to propose to him to see you again.

  • What questions to ask during speed dating?

I recommend to ask open-ended questions, which can lead you to bounce on the answers of your interlocutor, and then start a discussion. The goal is not to chain the questions, like a job interview. You can ask as questions, for example:

  • What is the trip that marked you the most?
  • What region did you grow up in?
  • What sports do you like to practice?
  • What is your favorite cultural outing?
  • Do you have a particular passion that you would like to share with me?

No need to go further, the goal being to open a topic, and take the opportunity to bounce back to start a « natural » conversation.

  • What questions not to ask during speed dating?

The subject of the profession: Instead of asking outright the interlocutor’s voting profession (which can make some people uncomfortable), you can ask instead for the professional sector in which he/she evolves. The question is broader, and the person will answer you precisely, if he/she wishes.

  • What advice on the Speed ​​Dating approach?

First of all, know that this is not a job interview, but an interview, in order to validate the attraction and complicity. The goal is to have as much free discussion as possible (without having to go through a list of questions). Don’t forget that you only have 10 minutes to talk. Have one or two subjects in mind to prepare to question your interlocutor, the goal being to discuss these subjects, but do not start with a list of questions.

  • I am “very shy”, is speed dating a good idea?

First of all, know that each participant is a minimum stressed at the idea of ​​participating in a speed dating. The framework can reassure you, since there are rules, and which apply to everyone, to stay only 10 minutes with each single person, and that this time is very short. So if you don’t have too much of a conversation, if you rely on the topic ideas discussed below, the time should pass very quickly. And don’t forget that there will be an organizer whose goal will be to put you at ease.

Attention : do not take advantage of the presence of alcohol to overcome your shyness. Indeed, alcohol inhibits your senses, and the goal is not for women to suspect that you are drunk in front of her. The seduction effect would be counterproductive.

  • I’m « looking for a one-night stand », is speed dating a good idea?

Put yourself in a woman’s place. If she wants to find a man for sex, she can easily go to a dating site or go to a party, without paying. Participating in speed dating has a blow for women, and those who sign up are looking for a serious and ongoing relationship.

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Thanks for reading this article, and please feel free to leave your opinion on theare companies in the comments below (if you’ve tried them), to help people who are hesitant to sign up. In addition, you can consult the list of 118 dating sites in france.

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