The 5 bugs of the AdopteUnMec application

More and more in the world, the possibility of making met extends through social networks. It is easier for humans today to find friendly or even romantic relationships through an electronic device such as a smartphone or a computer.

Indeed, this is what drives the continuous creation of applications dating around the world. These sites aim to bring people together based on their core beliefs. Each person can cover all his desires that pass through his head. Among these applications, we willlinger today on AdoptAGuy. It’s the dating website where women take over. AdopteUnMec is a French dating site founded in 2008 by Florent Steiner and Manuel Conejo. It now has more than 10 million subscribers.

However, registrants are increasingly commenting on performances internal and external to the application. A strong reason for us to think to bugs according to the opinions left by them. That said, we leave it to you to discover some bugs on the AdopteUnMec application.

The bugs found on the AdopteUnMec application

  • 1. Too many fake accounts on the app

There is nothing more annoying than a lie, especially when you pay to have the truth. An application shouldn’t have a lie about what it doesn’t do or what it has never done. Users have been complaining for quite some time about the rate of fakes plaguing this application. This is the case of a user who said: “ Too many fakes on the app. Must admit that it’s well done, but after having typed 3-4 fakes we quickly begin to understand their « behaviour ». In quotes since they are bots. It’s a pathetic approach. It’s an insult to intelligence, and a waste of time. Plus the subscription is way too expensive. It’s a shame because the app has a good foundation. Too bad, next. »

He is not the only one. There are so many reviews left in anger. It’s not good. Everyone knows what to do. You know what you have to do as app developers. So put users at ease without having to encourage fakes here and there.

  • 2. The Absolute Requirement of Dating Site Women

One user of the app said last month:  » The women listed on this site are almost all super demanding and selective. It’s become very difficult to meet people if you’re not in great shape physically. They are so spoiled for choice that they are always looking for something better. You may have a good chat with her, overnight she can text you at the slightest annoyance and at the slightest grain of sand in the mechanism. Today’s mentality has become very rotten compared to 10 years ago. »

So this is really the first application that has this kind of symptom. We have to find a method to give value to each registrant, to allow everyone to find satisfaction in the details they need. It’s not a magic trick as we know but it is even a dating application. A guy can’t come and sign up and have the same difficulties he has in the physical world. The site managers really should fix it.

  • 3. Too much cost without results

When one spends most of the time as a human, one expects a profitable return. Profitability can be financial, social or even material. We deeply understand the frustration of users when they complain everywhere that they spend in vain. Every once in a while you are asked to pay money. Even after pouring we ask to do it again. It’s too much !!!

Here is one opinion among many others that shows the total frustration of users:  » Pay, pay, and pay again, even when a woman puts you in her basket and allows you to talk to her, you still have to pay to see the messages? Pay! »

It was better to at least give these users the opportunity to have a concrete result to request payments again than to make them pay in a vacuum all the time.

  • 4. Slow application at times

Many of them complain about the inefficiency and slowness of the application. We were able to retain this opinion among those concerning the slowness: “ I put photos that are deleted after a while for null and void apologies. The app really doesn’t work well, it’s slow and inefficient. I think it’s a shame it worked well a few years ago… Degradation of the conditions of use. »

If we are to believe the reviews of this type, the application worked well in its infancy. Nevertheless, nowadays there are more and more complaints and this is not a good sign.

  • 5. Difficult registration lately

If there’s one thing that needs to be done right when building an app, it’s registration. This is the basis of the whole application. If the user is already not well received, he will find no reason to return there anyway. Many users have been complaining about registration bugs for a while with no ideal response from the dating site.

Here is a review left by a user of the AdopteUnMec dating app: “ Bad …. Unable to register always one thing wrong. Either the email address or the password…. I was on this site in 2015 and it was quite simple to register, Today you have to go through lots of links… password… username In short, you lose your Latin!!! Especially in the end for an unserious site… In short, you can still be useful…. You do not monitor anything !!! »

With all the negative opinions left on the various platforms, the AdopteUnMec dating application cannot be relied upon considerably. It’s a way of showing that you have to readjust a lot of things in the hope that they don’t leak out.

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