The 7 alternatives to Chatroulette webcams

The origin and history of ChatRoulette

In 2019, a 17 year old Russian student created Chatroulette. It is a webcam system, between interlocutors chosen at random. The interlocutors are connected, each in front of their webcams, and each can then “next” their interlocutor, and exchange with a new person. And very often, the interlocutor is on the other side of the world. success is immediate. So much so that the site receives up to 800,000 connections per month. And the video conferencing site is making headlines.

Originally designed for the use of classic discussions, Chatroulette is quickly diverted from its original use. Very quickly, many exhibitionists take the opportunity to masturbate (see making love) in front of their screens. This contributes to the success of Chatroulette.. but will also contribute to its decline, since the site is unable to moderate live videos, and minors find themselves confronted with adult images.

As a result, Chatroulette has quickly closed, although partially re-opened thereafter, but many competitors have entered the niche. So we will now look at the alternativesfor people wishing to meet via webcam, and in an adult context.

The 7 alternatives to Chatroulette

Mon ranking of the best alternative solutions to the deceased Chatroulette:, live with professional webcam girls

This is a platform, with a hundred  » professional from the webcam. That is to say, you can chat on webcam with women, in soft and free ways. On the other hand, lounges between adults.. and sexier are chargeable.

2. StarsduX, webcam with former pornstars

Same principle as Purlive, except that here you enter into a relationship with women who have had « a history » in economics in the pornographic industry. And now they’re trying to make money from webcams.

3. VisioParty.combetween libertines

This is a dating site via webcam, intended for libertine practitioners. That is to say that the goal is to get to know each other, to make friends, and to see yourself showing off by webcam. To note that VisioParty is free for women and couples. Registered people, even in the provinces. This is particularly interesting in this period of confinement.

4., the copy/paste of chatroulette

And copy and paste original chatroulette, but only for the purpose of libertine encounters. The site is fully paid, and far fewer members than VisioParty in France.

5. Coomeet.commore for Americans

A dating site via webcam, which works quite well in North America. Here, there is no exchange by messaging, but only by video. This allows you to see directly if you have complicity with your interlocutor.

6. Chaat.frmore for teenagers

Rather for ok, it is a site which also aims to meet via webcam. We are talking here more about serious love affairs, than meetings without a future., to meet people

Another dating site that uses webcam. There is also talk of serious meetings, which are intended to aim for marriage. Few users in France.

⇒ That’s it, you can give your feedback in comments, and also suggest other dating website, which I will carefully study.

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