The 7 practices of sadomasochism widespread in France

You regularly practice sadomasochism ? Or, you are interested in this practice without ever having cross the line ? Or simply, are you interested in French sexuality? Anyway, this article aims to present the French sexual practicesand particularly libertines who are followers of sadomasochism, with the list of 7 most common practices in France.

Note that we are going to present to you two dating sites dedicated to SadoMasochism in France.

The 7 Most Common Sadomasochism Practices in France

Let’s start my definition sadomasochism, with an explanation of its practice:

Sadomasochism: what is it?

Formed etymologically from « sadism » et « masochism »respectively of “sadism” and “masochism”, sadomasochism designates a form of contractual exchange having as its goal the use of pain, submission, humiliation or the staging of various fantasies for an aphrodisiac purpose.

Some practices are mixed, that is to say applicable to everyone, others on the other hand are only suitable for men or women. The partners therefore put themselves in conditions which allow to hurt or of feel the pain in their body, and at the same time pleasure. This brings out the different types of sadomasochism, especially in libertine clubs where the objective remains pleasure regardless of the method used.

What are the dating sites for sadomasochists?

So you want to find a BDSM partner (= definition: Bondage, Discipline and SadoMasochime), well know that there are not many on the market.

👉 1/ The most frequented in France is BDSM find my Sex which claims to be an SM community between aficionados of sadomasochistic practices. In short, everyone can describe its practices, and find other singles there who want to indulge in ses parties fines. There are no taboos, everyone is free to choose what they want.

👉 2/ Jacquie and Michel also launched its BDSM dating site : Jacquie and Michel BDSM. The principle is the same. It is a community platform, the purpose of which is to make meetings between practitioners.

List of sadomasochism practices in France

The list of practices of sadomasochism most practiced in France 💗 :

  • 1/ Bondage

The principle is to immobilize the other by attaching him in order to govern the situation without any retaliatory reaction on his part. You will therefore need a scarf, a pair of handcuffs or anything else that can be used for tying. The rigger therefore has the power while the tied is submissive. You, you have the advantage of the dominant male while your “slave” bends to your wishes. The roles can be reversed in this practice.

  • 2/ Spanking

It is a classic in the world of sadomasochism. A rather erotic way to awaken the senses. The pain of spanking does secrete to the brain dopamine (the hormone responsible for pleasure). More pleasure and therefore more happiness. Note that spanking is widely practiced in swinger and libertine evenings. It can be light and non-violent.

  • 3/ The punishment

How it works ? accuse the other ofhave done wrong and submit there to a consequence. It can be very exciting indeed. And let’s understand each other. The consequence here has nothing to do with doing the dishes, for example, but the erotic punishment that imposes itself may be the obligation to submit to sexual positions that the dominant will have chosen. It goes against everything you can experience on a daily basis, hence the exciting aspect. The bad girl, being punished for doing something wrong, pretty exciting isn’t it?

  • 4/ Orgasm deprivation

Orgasm deprivation is a very often used term in sadomasochism. As you can already understand by the name, it is the fact of provoking in the other a great excitement without giving him access to orgasm. Basically, the idea is to bring it to the highest possible point of pleasure, almost to orgasm without giving him the permission or the means to go through with it. The sexual frustration which results then turns out to be very exciting. The extra thing here is a kind of double orgasm especially in men. The same hormones that should be released at orgasm are released at the point before it. The pleasure felt is therefore approximately twice the pleasure of a normal sexual act.

  • 5/ Spontaneous excitement

This method requires masturbation tools, but it is not not actual masturbation. There are kinds of small vibrating eggs, which the woman can use to masturbate. In the case of masturbation, it is the woman who has control of the remote control of this sex contraption. But in this case, only the other has control. She is therefore a slave to a spontaneous excitation whose only master is the partner. The major excitation condition here is the fact of being able do this in a public place. A restaurant for example. The excitement rises discreetly throughout the evening without being able to materialize and a hot ride home should therefore be prepared accordingly.

  • 6/ Forced chastity

It is a method that resembles orgasm deprivation indeed, but without penetration. Hence the name “chastity”. The man wears a chastity cage during this episode, and the woman, a chastity belt both for the same purpose. Avoid penetration as much as possible and also make the pleasure last at the risk of leading to the deprivation of orgasm. However, the wearing of these utensils is at your choice (the duration of wearing). All activities are therefore permitted during this time. caress, lick and etc The goal is to escalate the tension. It’s much more exciting than orgasm deprivation in the sense that here, both partners are in the same situation. It is therefore possible to affirm that the pleasure is shared equitably.

  • 7/ Erotic enema

Already, the name gives a little insight into what it is. the erotic enema is first of all a (normal) enema and the eroticism appears here in the subtlety of the movements (different from a normal wash) and of all that it is possible to do during this wash. While washing your partner, you have the opportunity to browse his most intimate parts. The sense of touch takes care of the excitement (caressing, masturbation and etc.). Both partners take as much pleasure as each other.

For further : you can ask your questions on the sadomasochism in comments, in order to help your comrades 😉 who want additional information on this practice.

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