The 9 characteristics a woman looks at on a man

Want to know more about what attracts women on a homme ? What are the personality traits and type of physiques who please particularly to women ? In short, here are the 9 criteria and characteristics what do women look at on a man, before engaging (or not) in a love relationship, sentimental and sexual. As a result, you can work on these attributes in order to develop your sex appeal.

The 9 characteristics a woman looks at on a man

here are the features what are they looking at a woman on a man

  1. A very serious voice

If you have a falsetto voice, your chance of seduce a girl is quite weak. Indeed, women love very virile men with deep voices. This excites them to the highest degree. The voice can mean many things to a woman: confidence, success, power or dominance. Deep-voiced men are generally considered leaders or leaders.

  1. humor and gallantry

These are traits highly valued by women. Humor is very important because women want men who can make them laugh, amuse them and pass the time. If the woman is not bored in your company, you are surely on the right track to seduce her. It is the same for gallantry which is a sign of respect and shows the attention and esteem that the man has for him.

  1. Self-confidence

Women are seduced by men who have self-confidence. If you approach a woman with your head held high, you’ll have a chance to close with her. Note that women need a man in whom they can entrust their problems, their worries and who can support them during difficult times. However, it should not be confused with arrogance.

  1. The physique and its musculature

You don’t have to have tons of muscle or be a black belt in karate. Women just need a man who can protect them and with whom they feel safe. Remember that women appreciate men who don’t allow themselves to be pushed around. In addition, size is also a significant criterion for women. Which doesn’t mean you should be the size of an NBA basketball player. It is enough to be sufficiently taller than her.

  1. A good presentation

If you have a woman to conquer, do not neglect yourself. Appearance also counts for women even if it is not the most important. It is enough to be presentable, very clean, well groomed beards, neat hair. Clothing style is not always essential. You don’t have to be on the lookout for the latest fashion trends. You just have to have the right outfits to make a good impression.

  1. Money, an important criterion

Having a well-muscled athlete’s physique is not enough to seduce a woman. Indeed, you should also be able to assume his needs and allow him a few treats from time to time. Financial stability is an essential criterion for a woman (not only for michtoneuses). However, it is not a question of showing off your money or offering her a gold bracelet on the first date. Just make him think you’re not a loser.

→ If you have money, this will reassure a potential targeted woman, because she knows that you will be able to contribute to the quality of life of her household. This is a real plus!

  1. honesty

This is a determining character for a woman. Smooth talkers and smooth talkers, they meet all day long. To stand out, you should show him that you are a man of your word and honest. It is not a question of revealing to the woman from the first date or the next your life in its entirety. Just let her believe that you’re not kidding her and that she’s not wasting her time with you.

  1. Attention

Listening is very important for a woman. Paying attention to what she says simply means that you care about her and respect her. Note that women appreciate the attention of a man. She will look at you differently after the discussion and will be more willing to confide in you. This will be a good point that will open a few doors for you, including that of his bedroom.

  1. Maturity

This is one of the qualities women look for in a man. It is for this reason that women generally prefer to date older men. Indeed, mature men are more experienced in several areas including sex. Let’s not forget that women love men who know how to make them burst in bed. It is clear that a small, inexperienced youngster would not measure up to a mature man. Maturity in men inspires confidence because they generally want a serious and lasting relationship, they are more refined, and financially they are also more stable. If you are in this category of man, you will be irresistible to any woman.

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