The 9 differences between an alpha male and a regular male

You have probably heard of alpha males. They are the ones who collect the majority of the women the most beautifulwhether in everyday life, but also on dating website. And yet, these are not not always the most beautiful of them. On the other hand, they have features and an trust in them that impress women.

So I have explored the subject in order to better understand their characteristics, in order to to be able to reproduce themand become one, in turn.

The 9 differences between an alpha male and a regular male

In my view, the points that make the difference between one alpha male and the rest men of the population:

  1. The alpha male controls his emotions

Impulsivity is the character typical of an ordinary man. The alpha male never allows himself to be imprisoned by negative emotions or feelings. the reasoning and the rational always guide his actions and he remains imperturbable in the face of a problem.

No matter how bad the situation or the danger that poses to him and his family, he remains calm and does not give in never to panic. The alpha male is not a heartless or indifferent person. Only he remains solid and determined to face with fervor every problem that stands in his way.

  1. The alpha male is true to his beliefs

The conviction models and sculpts the personality of each one. An ordinary male never manages to stand out from others because of his fragility of spirit. In case of debate or discussionhe does not manage to impose his idea but always accepts the ideas of others without complaining.

However, an alpha male is not shy about speaking his mind. He is not afraid of the reactions of others and ready to defend his own ideas and beliefs. Although not everyone always agrees with him, he ist respected and valued for his audacity and strong personality.

  1. Nothing can stop an alpha male from achieving his goal.

What distinguishes an alpha male from an ordinary male is his ambition. He knows very well that success cannot be obtained not with a wave of a magic wand but requires work and perseverance.

Thus, he pursues his objective by all means and never get distracted. No matter what difficulties and obstacles stand in his way, he is not ready to give up until the goal he has set for himself is achieved.

  1. The alpha male does not let fear impress him

The alpha male is a human being. Thus, he can feel fear like everyone else. However, he is not the kind of person who remains paralyzed or paralyzed in the face of imminent danger. On the contrary, the excitement he feels will quickly turn into positive energy which will further boost his self-confidence and his will to fight the adversary or the obstacle.

On the other hand, the ordinary male will be immediately paralyzed in the face of fear and becomes helpless. In the end, he will be dominated and will no longer have a reason to exist. It’s a total failure

  1. The alpha male is physically strong

The strength of the alpha male is not just in the head. This kind of person is recognized by its outward appearance. Endowed with a strong corpulence, we feel that he is training and strengthening his corps using physical exercises.

The aggressors or opponents are often afraid to rub shoulders with him because of his menacing yet imposing physique. He never leaves impressed by anyone and willing to challenge anyone who dares to challenge him.

  1. The alpha male controls himself

The serenity is specific to the alpha male. He leaves nothing to chance but masters all his gestures and behavior. You can clearly and unambiguously feel that he is relaxed and confident. Her mental as well as physical strength knock in the eyes. This makes him a man esteemed and respected by all.

All his gesture is well controlled and he does nothing rashly. The beta male acts differently: he is nervous, stressed, he often performs actions that are beyond his own control.

  1. The alpha male expresses himself with serenity

The way you express yourself says a lot about a person’s personality and state of mind. An alpha male speak calmly and fluently. We can see through his way of expressing himself that he is quite relaxed. In case of open debate or discussion, iHe weighs his words well and manages to convince with ease.

On the other hand, an ordinary male speaks too quickly for fear that he will be cut off or out of shyness. We immediately feel that he is not comfortable in his skin and that he wants to be several kilometers further.

  1. The alpha male never gets discouraged

For the alpha male, the difficulty is part of everyday life. He is prepared for obstacles and problems.

Despite setbacks, he gets up and ready to face other more difficult challenges. He is never discouraged but always seeks to surpass himself and never stops pushing his own limits.

  1. The alpha male is constantly active

Passivity is the opponent of the alpha male. He is proactive and always anticipates each situation. He’s not the kind of person who waits quietly for what happens.

He intervenes when necessary. so as not to suffer the consequences of inactivity. For him, it is inconceivable to expect compassion from others or to depend on others.

To succeed, he takes the beast by its horns.

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