The 9 professional lives of Clara Morgane

The 9 professional lives of Clara Morgane

And yes, the very famous French pornographic actress Clara Morgane had several lives in her life. Besides, she will only have shot a total of 11 films for adults, before turning her career around… and changing jobs several times. She thus had 9 professional lives in her existence.

  • 1: TV host

Television animation is one of the fields in which she has worked the most. She chained the shows from 2001 to 2015. Clara Morgane worked for the Canal+ television channel from 2001 to 2008. She presents hard diary every first Saturday of the month in front of almost two million viewers. In 2007, it was on behalf of the NRJ 12 channel that she hosted programs such as: The 50 star videos, Poker Star, People investigation and many others. In 2013, she became a host for the discovery channel but also a columnist for the FHM and Meltystyle channels.

  • 2: Singer

Clara Morgane is also a singer! She has released three albums. The first single I like a duet with rapper Lord Kossity was released in February 2007. The second single sexy girl is a success, it ranks fourth in singles sales. The first album was released on June 18, 2007. His second album Sleepless nights with electro-pop sounds was released in November 2010. The single devil in body is the credits of the show In search of true love. To promote the album, she shoots the short film High perched. The Scrapbook so excited appeared in 2014 in a more jazzy style. It is downloadable in October 2014 and released as an opus on February 5, 2015. She created Clara Morgane’s cabaret with the participation of several artists for the promotion.

  • 3: TV personality

From 2001, appearances in entertainment shows multiplied to promote its public image and its merchandising. In 2001, she appeared on the show Everybody talks about it as a pornographic actress, and in 2003 for the promotion of her autobiography. Thierry Ardisson invites him to his show Hello earthlings in 2007 and 2014. She was invited to Sébastien Cauet’s shows, but also in The greatest cabaret in the world three times. She also participates in the show Ocan’t please everyone. In 2013, she did figure skating in the show Ice Show on M6, and in 2019, she dances for Dance with the stars. Recently, she appears regularly in the programs of the host Cyril Hanouna.

  • 4: Clara Morgane the business woman

Clara Morgane has her own production company (media capital sin) to manage her activities. She also created Fabrik 48 located in Nanterre with her husband Jey Olivier, a place where artists can perform. She is one of the biggest stars on the sexy calendars. She began posing in 2002. Her calendars were sold at auction, promoted on a reality TV channel, accompanied by video clips of her songs. It also sells notebooks, diaries, and other boxes. She creates applications for Android. She also launches her own brand of lingerie. She is the muse of Internitydeodorants Axedrink Ginithe delivery company Addressand produces commercials for pink telephone calls and sms.

  • 5: X actress

From 2000, Clara Morgane became a pornographic actress. She shot almost all of her scenes with her then-boyfriend Greg Centauro. From there, was born the name of Clara Morgane. She ended her career as a pornographic actress in 2003, and released her acting autobiography the same year: Sex star. She has appeared in movies, television series, reality shows, and documentaries.

  • 6: Theater actress

From 2008 to 2015, she was a theater actress. She participates in the Anjou festival. It integrates a burlesque show: the review Burlesq du Pink paradiseplays such as Canaille cabaret. Clara Morgane plays the main role in the theatrical adaptation of the film The full Monty.

  • 7 : Mannequin

Clara Morgane began posing in 1993 at the age of twelve for the Houra agency. She discovers to love exhibitionism. From 1997, she became interested in naturism with her boyfriend at the time. She continued modeling until 1999.

  • 8: Cabaret Producer

Since 2016, Clara Morgane has been producing and hosting « Le cabaret de Clara », she and her troupe travel the roads of France, Belgium and Switzerland to give a show to Cabaret lovers. The main theme is the black and white world of 1930s cabaret.

  • 9: Philanthropist

In 2009, Clara Morgane participated in a campaign against rape « Kan c non ». Since 2011, she has been the godmother of the Meghanora association, which fights against childhood kidney cancer. She distributed winnings to the Mécénat cardiac surgery association. In 2013, she officially supported the bill authorizing same-sex marriage.

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