The 9 STDs that are caught during sex

List of 9 STDs that are caught during sex

Remember to protect yourself with a condom before having a sexual intercourse, because these are the STDs you catch in bed sans protection.

  • 1- HIV AIDS

Undoubtedly one of the STDs the deadliest of the early 21st century. The AIDS virus is transmitted in different ways: orally, through the blood or through the maternal-fetal route (from mother to child during pregnancy). It is a very silent virus in general. People who are infected with it can stay with the virus for a long time in the body without knowing that they have it. More 40 million people in the world are now living with HIV.

The infected people stay with the viruses throughout their lives. The condom remains the only safe method of contraception against the virus of HIV. Because the biggest way of contamination and propagation of this STD remains sexual intercourse.

On the other hand, it is possible to slow down or interrupt the development of the virus in the body and thus ensure the health stability of the infected person. We therefore resort to antiviralsanti proteases or multi therapies to achieve this, without completely eradicating the virus.

  • 2- Syphilis

It is a serious disease presented in the form a bacterial infection can spread to multiple organs. If neglected, this infection can become so complicated that it no longer disappears from our body. She can go so far as to provoke brain and heart disorders in its most complicated phase. On the other hand, if it is treated from the start with penicillinit can be definitively cured after a maximum of two weeks.

The main transmission route for syphilis it’s the sexual way (vagina, anus and mouth). This infection can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy.

  • 3- Hepatitis B

It is one of the infections most dangerous in the world. Its virus is transmitted orally, vaginally or anally. It can be transmitted easily in a couple with practices such as cunnilingus, fellatio or kissing, if they are not protected.

Hepatitis B can also be transmitted between people who are not in a relationship by the oral route (by drinking from the same glass for example), by the blood route (by sharing the same sharp objects) and by the fetal route (from the mother to the child ). It infects the liver and in its aggravated state can turn into liver cancer or cirrhosis.

The only way to protect yourself is to getting the hepatitis B vaccine.

  • 4- Genital herpes

The herpes virus remains in the body of the person infected throughout his life.

It is an infection that is easily transmitted during sex with the person infected genitally, anally and orally through kissing. It is therefore advisable to protect yourself beforehand before resorting to sexual practices such as cunnilingus, fellatio or anal sex.

L’herpes can also be transmitted duringchildbirth between mother and child or through the mouth (saliva), kissing or using an object that an infected person has put in their mouth.

  • 5- Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C transmission takes place through blood.

The virus of this infection is transmitted during sexual intercourse through the lesions caused by the friction, if you come into contact with contaminated blood. The necessary measures should be taken before each sexual intercourse to protect oneself (screening or use of a condom).

Hepatitis C can also be transmitted from mother to child fetally or for the most widespread by the use of syringes with the infected person(s) (drugs).

  • 6- Papillomavirus

It is an STD so transmission is by skin contact, most often through sex. There is no need for penetration during sexual intercourse. A simple contact with the skin or mucous membranes of the infected person is enough to transmit the virus.

In other words, you can still contract the HPV virus, even if you use a condom.

The best preventive method against the HPV virus, is to make the vaccine and to use regular virus screening, while continuing to use condoms.

  • 7- Fungal infections

It is true that it is an STD less severe than the first mentioned above. However, his Side effects are very annoying: creamy whitish discharge, burning, itching caused by the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in the vagina…

It’s a STD (vaginal thrush) which is transmitted mainly through sexual contact. It can also be transmitted by caresses. The woman is the main vector. Man can also contract it, if there is contamination.

  • 8- La chlamydia

It is one of the best known STDs. It is transmitted exclusively during unprotected sex (sexual caresses, cunnilingus, fellatio). She is very contagious and can become very serious. She has the ability to propagate in other parts of the body if not treated quickly.

Chlamydia is manifested by redness of the mucous membranes, burning at the level of the sex when urinating, itching…It is more effective for both partners to take the treatment (antibiotic) against chlamydia.

  • 9- Gonorrhea

Commonly called « hot piss » it is also transmitted by sexual tract (unprotected intercourse) regardless of the content of the intercourse.

It’s an infection sexually transmitted which is manifested by symptoms which appear very quickly (2 to 6 days after contamination): burning on the sex when urinating whether in men or women, yellow or greenish discharge from the vagina, the appearance of fever .

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