The behavior of French people with dating apps – Study 🇫🇷

The behavior of French people with dating apps – Study 🇫🇷, the website that analyzes audiences and the behavior of Internet users on dating sites and applications, has just carried out a new study, based on a questionnaire returned by 3,255 singles registered on dating sites in France, in order to bring out lessons on the behavior of French single people.

1. Lessons from the national study

In order to better understand the current dynamics concerning the behavior of French people with dating applications, we invite you to discover the results of our latest study. This, based on a panel of 3,255 single respondents, makes it possible to answer the following question: what is the French behavior with the dating apps in 2022?

An average of 3.6 applications downloaded

3,105 respondents answered the following question: “ How many dating apps have you installed in the last 12 months? The average here is 3.6 applications.

An interesting figure since it reveals two potential trends among users: the use of several applications at the same time, which in particular makes it possible to maximize your chances of meeting, or the abandonment of one site in favor of another. This last scenario can happen when the user believes he has found a platform that suits him better or that has more advantageous characteristics (price, interface, targeting, etc.).

The volume of conversations engaged

2,651 people gave their opinion on the number of discussions started on dating sites in the last 12 months. The average here is 26 engaged conversations, which represents an average of 2.16 conversations per month. A figure that can be considered low given the the profusion of profiles present online ; the sign that French users favor quality over quantity?

The number of physical appointments organized

Of course, the goal of the vast majority of singles on dating sites is to concretize the exchanges started with a physical meeting. It is on this question that the third question of our study looked: 2,903 people questioned made it possible to establish an average of 3.5 meetings carried out during the last 12 months.

Thus, on an average of 26 conversations started, this is an impressive average result, knowing that some are limited to a few discussions, while others chain messages.

What does this lead to? What about lasting relationships?

However, did these meetings lead to something more serious? 2,785 respondents shed light on this question, with an average of 0.4 lasting relationships subsequently established through online dating. A figure to qualify however since as we said in the preamble, if Meetic comes first among French dating sites, it is then followed by two sites more focused on libertine dating. The latter have a large number of subscribers and are mainly intended to connect people wishing fleeting relationshipswhich may explain this result.

2. Average satisfaction with using dating apps

The study also shares statistics on the satisfaction of its users:

Satisfaction of almost 7 points out of 10!

In fact, the singles questioned are generally enthusiastic about the use of these applications since on all the answers obtained the average satisfaction is 6.8 out of 10! Interesting data not only for users but also the creators and developers of these applications.

The results in brief of our first part

Find at a glance the results of our study:

We thus observe that French users are globally convinced by the use of dating sites. They do not hesitate to test several to find the one that suits them best and exchange with an average of more than twenty people per year. These exchanges make it possible to obtain an appointment in approximately 13% of cases.

3. The intentions behind signing up for a dating site

In order to offer you a global panorama to understand the behavior of the French user in 2022, we also questioned the respondents on their intentions when registering for a dating site.

  • 61.5% of respondents seek to find a lasting relationship,
  • 26.6% are looking to find a temporary relationship,
  • 11.9% registered on a dating site to make friendsdiscuss and exchange.

Thus, we find that the majority of people questioned seek to establish a lasting relationship, followed by a substantial percentage of registrants seeking more of an adventure. Whatever your goal, be aware that choosing the dating site on which you register is an excellent basis! To do this, do not hesitate to consult our rankings, for example the one listing the most serious sites to put the odds on your side.

4. The figures of the study on the behavior of the French

First results on the use of dating apps:

Surveys Result on the panel
(average per user)
Number of Responses
Number of dating apps installed on your phone
(in the last 12 months)
3.6 installed apps 3 105
Number of singles you’ve engaged in online chats with
(in the last 12 months)
26 discussions initiated 2 651
Number of physical dates performed over the last 12 months
(in unit)
3.5 completed dates 2 903
Number of committed lasting relationships (more than one month) over the last 12 months
(in unit)
0.4 relations durables 2 785
Average satisfaction with using dating apps
(score out of 10)
6.8 out of 10 3 255

And second part on the intention behind the inscription:

What was your intention behind signing up for a dating app? Distribution Number of responses
Find a lasting love relationship 61.5% 1984
Find a temporary romance (one night to a few days) 26.6% 858
Find friendships, to discuss and exchange 11.9% 383
Ensemble 100% 3 225

5. Infographics

6. Modalities of the study

The people surveyed are visitors to over the past three months, and who say they have been active on dating apps over the past 12 months.

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