Top 10 clues that prove a woman is in love

Top 10 clues that prove a woman is in love

If you are a femmeand want to know if you are in love of a man, here are some indices to identify you.

  • 1: You would rather spend more time with him than with your friends.

You lose the desire to go out. The feeling of pleasure that we feel in the company of a person, you only feel it with your darling. The club nights, parties in bars with your friends are becoming increasingly rare.

All your free moments, you want just spend them with him. A TV evening in his company tempts you more than an outing with your friends.

  • 2: You insist on presenting it to your loved ones

You have only one desire, it is to to present at all times entourage (your friends, your colleagues, your parents…).

You do all you can to bring him out of the shadows, of anonymity. You have no embarrassment to show up in public places with him (restaurants, public parks, supermarkets, etc.). This may mean that you assume your relationship and you would like everyone around you to do the same by accepting your companion.

  • 3: You see life in pink

By dint of thinking about him, you lose yourself in daydreams worthy of Disney films. The Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella or Prince Aladdin which highlight love stories, you watch them more and more.

You go on a loop all day long your playlist filled with love songs well selected and you listen to them while thinking of him.

You are completely out of touch with reality because of your sentiments for him. You are living a real fairy tale.

  • 4: You project yourself into the future with him

The fact of building a life, of founding a home, of growing old by its side don’t be scared at all.

On the contrary, it’s even a prospect that excites you enormously just at the idea. This can be seen as proof of the certainty of your sentiments for him. You have no doubts.

You love him and you want to go further with him.

  • 5: His flaws don’t scare you. On the contrary…

Love has its reasons that reason ignores. This popular romantic adage also holds true between the two of you, so that’s a good sign.

The personality traits, behaviors that turn everyone off in your man, you find them sexy and attractive.

The different aspects of his personality please you in full, you accepted it in full without criticizing anything, congratulations my dear!!! You are in love.

  • 6: You constantly check his social media accounts

You miss your mate so much that you spies literally his accounts on different social networks to find out what he’s doing.

You reread your different conversations SMS from the beginning to immerse yourself in the magic of your story. You relive them in the smallest details since your beginnings through your writings.

You are even tempted to write to him during the day to find out everything he does. You are completely in love with him. These are the signs of love.

  • 7: You are always in a good mood

Thinking about your man gets you all the time in a good mood. You smile at everyone all the time.

Your face is illuminated. You are radiant, joyful and you experience a real feeling of fulfillment which strengthens your self-confidence.

Besides, everyone around you has already noticed it and pointed it out to you. It is a feeling that brings joy and happiness love.

  • 8: You think about him all the time

The first thing you think of when you open your eyes in the morning, it’s him, before you even put your feet on the ground.

During the day, all situations, even the most banal are good to think of him.

And in the evening, before you close your eyes, he’s the last person you think of before youdoze off.

There is no doubt, my dear. You are madly in love with him.

  • 9: You pay more attention to your appearance

The phenomenon is all the more remarkable when you are about to encounter it. You completely robbed the stores, you renewed your whole wardrobe. You reassure yourself to put a new sexier outfit than the last each time you meet him.

You now wear outfits that put the more your silhouette in value each time with the same objective in mind: to attract and captivate its regard. It is very likely that you are in love.

  • 10: You often look at your phone

If you often look at your phone hoping to receive a text message, you’re probably starting to get hooked.

That is to say that you can’t wait to receive one of his messageshoping to bond with him, and sign that he is thinking of you.

In short, take your time before replying to the message that he sends to you, in order to not pass for a woman who is too “in love”.

For further : if you have other arguments, in order to help find the answer to « am I in love? » », you can mention it in the comments.

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