Top 12 Celebrities Whose Sex Tape Leaked In The Press

Top 12 Celebrities Whose Sex Tape Leaked In The Press

By various combinations of circumstances, it happens that videos of sextapes of certain stars are found on the net.

It happens, out of the spotlight, that our celebrities are also naughty people who can film their sexual encounters. These videos, if they are disseminated more widely, can be very embarrassing at the very least, and even lead to blackmail or threats. In the best case, artists take advantage of these broadcasts to increase their popularity. In the worst caseit will put an end to their careers or their lives as a couple. Here are the top 12 celebrities whose sex tape has leaked on the internet.

  1. Pamela Anderson

It was in 1995 that a short intimate video presenting Pamela Anderson and her then-husband circulate in the media. A part of legs in the air broadcast on the internet. The former Playmate naturally denies any voluntary involvement in the dissemination of this content. But given the habits of the young woman, hard to believe in that. Sometimes the dissemination of videos of this type aims (as strange as it may seem) to boost the careers of artists.

  1. Gina Lee Nolin

This star actress Baywatch in Malibu, shot in the 1990s with her husband a rather hot video. Obviously, this small production which was intended to be ephemeral was copied, much later, by the new wife of her ex-husband. This charming lady did not fail to resell the video to the highest bidder. Thus putting the antics of the young woman in full view of any Internet user who is a little curious.

  1. Matthew Valbuena

It would have been surprising if in such a list, no figure you sport not be present. Given that football is the place par excellence for the expression of virility and sporting power, our athletes are sometimes also known for exploits that are just as physical but which should have remained private. In the case of Mathieu Valbuena It was quite simply a case of blackmail orchestrated by individuals who had in their possession images showing the footballer and a young woman having sex.

  1. Gene Simons

This illustrious figure of the hard rock group Kiss did not hesitate to stand out in a sextape either. The God Of Thunder, who often has all kinds of (musical) instruments in his hand and who has often boasted of having slept with more than 4600 women, immortalized one of his sleepovers.

  1. Tonya Harding

The skater born in 1970, already involved in the past in a case of assault on one of her competitors, will also find herself on the front page of screens on the internet. A video filming her during her wedding night will be broadcast in the media and will have a devastating effect. Naturally, like all information of this order, it will go viral. And she still denies, firmly, to have given her consent for such disclosure.

  1. Rob Lowe

Known as Rob Lowe, Robert Lowe alias « Austin Power » has used his acting talents to achieve unprecedented success in the world of cinema. However, this will not prevent the latter from finding himself in the media in a role very different from that of Austin Power. It was in 1988 that he was filmed – against his will, he says – in awkward positions with two young girls. Is it to be forgiven that he now engages body and soul in charitable works?

  1. Colin Farrell

It was through the film Tigerland that this Irish actor met with fame. Since then he has become a bankable actor who continues to shoot. But a small video will also, in spite of himself, make his reputation as a sex symbol: that of a rather eventful night with Nicole Narain. We will learn later that the Playmate would have sold the video to make some money. Although subsequently a legal action is taken against Nicole (and which will result in a victory for Colin Farrell), the video is still present on the Internet.

  1. Kim Kardashian

The young Kim Kardashian enters this list through a sex tape she shot with a then-boyfriend. This video leaked in the press and its success will be planetary. It is even hinted that this video was watched 55 times per minute throughout the year 2018. It was at this time a small earthquake in the show business industry. But we suspect the Kardashian family (Kim herself with the approval of her mother) of having voluntarily published this video on the net.

  1. Dustin Diamond

The actor was in the spotlight for a short time with the series “Saved by the Bell « . But following the end of the series (and the new opportunities being expected) he tried other means to be in the spotlight. And what could be better than a video showing his antics with two young strangers? But this initiative brought him more sneers and jeers than new contracts.

  1. Ophelia Marie

Actress of Secret Story 1 after being a playmate, she will also shoot her little private video. Gossips suggest that it would be out of jealousy vis-à-vis his girlfriend Laly who shot in a Marc Dorcel production, the famous director of X films. A motivation that seems very strange

  1. Keeley Hazell

From his real name Keeley Rebecca Hazell, this actress and model for the glamorous press was already a minor celebrity when she fell victim to her boyfriend Lloyd Miller who filmed them having sex. But it will boost her career and following that will see her more and more often in the cinema.

  1. Paris Hilton

In 2004 and while she is still little known to the general public, she will film her antics with Rick Salomon, her boyfriend at the time. He will publish the video on the internet under the title “ One Night in Paris ». The wealthy blonde will file a complaint against Rick Salomon and will end up pocketing 400,000 dollars, in addition to the rights to broadcast the video. This orchestrated success will propel the young lady into the media firmament.

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