Top 12 Gay Dating Sites

Top 12 Gay Dating Sites

You are looking for a dating website between gays ? For a light relationship? Or lasting love? In order to help you, here are the dating sites most popular of the category. There are websites very well known, and generalists, and others are more specialized, and only for homos.

Here is my ranking of best dating sites for lgbt:

Eh yes ! Meetic is one of the best known and most popular sites in France. And it’s not just a heterosexual dating platform. It offers verified profiles for facilitate meetings between gays. Registration is free and you access services to help you find a person corresponding to your expectations near you.

Note that Meetic is systematically the dating site with the largest audience in France, and where there are the most singles registered.

The second best dating site in France is nothing else that say tomorrow. We are talking here for senior gays, who are over 55 years old. Like Meetic, registration is free, profiles are verified. Evenings and group outings are also included. The must ? This dating site is ideal for the seniors including gays ! Customer service is the best for 2020.

Eliterencontre is dedicated to the pickiest of you, and those who want to meet CSP+. It is first of all one of the most successful dating sites, with a quality application. Men’s profiles are checked manually. It targets people aged 35 and over. If you want to meet a partner as qualified as you, Eliterencontre guarantees you to beautiful meetings at a high level of requirements.

  • Top 4: (for those who believe in profile compatibility)

He favors the profile compatibility without forgetting to take into account the affinities. It is suitable for an audience between 40 and 65 years old. It is based on scientific studies to offer you tailor-made meetings. You will also benefit from psychological coaching to boost you!

  • Top 5: (for those looking for a rich person)

Attractive world relies on profile quality for optimum quality. Registration requests are studied and validated or not by the other members of the site! Something to reassure you about the encounters that await you. It organizes events and outings according to the criteria of the singles to find areas of common interest.

  • Top 7: (for a flirt)

Easyflirt is famous site touted by several French television channels. He prefers meetings near you. There is no specific target audience. Whether you want a serious relationship, a relation libertine or even test new practices. Easyflirt is ideal for Gays.

  • Top 8: (for mobile only)

The famous gay dating app now offers a desktop version. That is to say that you can consult the other profiles directly from your computer, without using your mobile. You have the possibility to see the photos in large.

  • Top 9: (for a hug.. or a little more)

HugAvenue is a dating site that directs you to casual dating in your geographic area. If you are looking for a one-off relationship, il will suit you just as well as for a meeting for more seriousness.

Remember to fill out your profile with as much information as possible. You can also add options for a better search. More for people under 30.

  • Top 10: (go through the psychological test box)

Edarling relies above all on the seriousness and quality of the services provided. A test of personality made by psychologists using criteria will allow them to guide you to the profiles that best suit you. Bonuses? The profile elements (text and photo) are analyzes by a team of specialists to keep all doubtful people away! Security is yours.

  • Top 11: (more of a oneshot)

This gay dating site thousands of members offers to meet a partner for a naughty evening. It animates different ways of exchanging online. It is not to be confused with other sites that use its name to gain more notoriety!

  • Top 12: (for men who know what they want)

A fairly used site for gay men looking for a gay plan, through a video connection. It offers a simple and free membership. You will be able to exchange with a large number of people looking for relationships of all kinds.

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Questions and answers

👉 Are gay dating sites free or paid?

There are both.

A part of the dating sites are paying (Like Meetic or EliteRencontre), and others are free via advertising, or offer a model freemium. That is to say that you can pay to make your profile more visible, and more highlighted by the site, in order to to have more connections.

👉 Is it dangerous to be on a gay dating site?

Non, no more than on another straight dating. Obviously you have to be on your guard, and get to know the person before giving his trust, and personal information. Furthermore, it is recommended not to never send money online, especially when you haven’t met the person. At last, avoid sending videos via webcams too hot, and where you might be recognized, because you never know who you are dealing with.

👉 Are there dating sites that are both straight and gay?

Yes, if we take the case of Meetic or DisonsDemain, it is possible to register as Straight, Gay or Lesbian. If you register as LGBTyou will not see than people of your sex, and who have the same dating intention as you.

👉 Are there gay chats only to meet other single guys?

Ouiif you want to discuss via a chat, or a forum, there are a few sites, like, Ambiance Chat or Urban Gay. It should be noted that on the generalists, of the Skyrock or type, it is possible to find other guys there, who have the same approach as you.

👉 What are the best gay dating apps?

The best known in France is Grindr, and has tens of thousands of subscribers. Then there is Hornet, which is intended as a dating application, but in Instagram mode, where photos are highlighted. Finally, there is Romeo, which is rather a giant chat, where everyone can exchange with each other. Then there are the more general apps, and who offer to register whether you are straight, gay or lesbian.

👉Where to meet other gay CSP+?

If you are looking for men who are executives like you, and who have the same purchasing power, the best thing is to go to paid sites, not free, because rich men can afford to invest in a subscription.

👉 Where to find other gay dating sites for men?

If after reading this list of some gay dating sites for men, you are still not sure which to choose, we can only recommend that you visit the site. which offers within it a detailed page on the various sites currently available in France.

👉 Should I share my photo on gay dating sites?

You are obligated to nothing at all. You can not put your photos, but it will be more difficult to seduce the most wanted men. Your interlocutors will be more suspicious.

For further : Here, if you have other gay dating sites to recommend, you can do it in the comments:

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