Top 12 techniques to boost a couple’s libido

Boost a couple’s libido

If you want to put chilli pepper in your relationship, here are the 12 best techniques to boost a couple’s libido:

  • 1. Eliminate the distance between you

Promote the production of hormones desire in your relationship by increasing physical contact. Don’t wait for special occasions like birthdays to get closer. Touch yourself daily. Adopt postures and attitudes that raise the temperature (sexy outfits for example).

Multiply the expression of acts of tenderness. Be more caring for each other than you were before. This simple change will help booster your couple’s libido.

  • 2. Promote real interactions and not virtual interactions

Be less active on social media. Just send some romantic texts and a little provocative during the day to heighten the desire for each other. Avoid long online conversations at all costs during the day for fear of running out of inspiration when you meet.

Prioritize direct conversations that give you the opportunity to be physically close to each other.

  • 3. Court your partner like it’s the first time

You ended up considering your partner as a given. It is now part of the decor. You hardly even notice it anymore. And if this was the cause of the decline in desire in your couple? Decide now to adopt the same attitude that you had towards during your first meetings.

She must notice that the way you look at her has changed. Contemplate the curves of her body. Be attentive at its different points of beauty. Notice and admire the brightness of his smile (by the way give him a compliment above). Smell and enjoy the smell of its perfume. Reconsider all these little details about his physique that you liked so much at the very beginning of your relationship.

In summary, do again courtship to your partner.

  • 4. Prioritize your sex life over any other activity

Decide to hustle your innumerable daily obligations that occupy you so much to the point to have no more time for your sex life.

And if this morning we decided to arrive late the professional meeting at the office just to give more pleasure to the lady in bed?!? Yes I know it’s a bit daring!! But it is the price to pay to bring back the sexual desire in your couple.

Shake up your schedule and give more time to your different cuddling sessions. Multiply the frequency of your cuddling sessions.

  • 5. Make yourself wanted

Increase sexual desire in your couple by distancing yourself from your partner for a while or from time to time.

Create distance and make yourself desired by your absence. If you are too physically close to your spouse, it may take away the magic of appreciating your presence and he may at some point getting too used to your presence to the point that you no longer feel any sexual desire. Improvise trips from time to time.

Step away from him for a while. And you notice that his desirer seeing you again will increase and be felt more.

  • 6. Take care of your body

Increase sexual desire in your couple by changing something about your physique. Do some sport to find the line, a new hairstyle, a new perfume, new outfits? Why not !! Take care of yourself.

Not only that will make you more attractive, but it will also increase your self-confidence. it is easier to seduce the other when you feel desirable.

  • 7. Create a climate conducive to discussion and exchanges between you

Create a bond between you two talking more together. Avoid being just two strangers under the same roof. Read books together in the evening, for example, and comment on them while keeping a touch of humor in your remarks.

Recall the pleasant memories of the past. Prioritize the moments oftrades between you. Read romantic and erotic stories.

It will feed your imagination and will fuel your desire for the same experiences.

  • 8. Improvise! Improvise!!

surprise him/her every day with something new every time. No need to overdo it.

A slightly daring and sexy evening outfit to raise the temperature, a sexy text message during the day, an impromptu date in a place you two have never visited before, a new place to have sex…basically, create the taste of surprise in your relationship to fan the flame.

  • 9. Say no to stress

The stress is a real obstacle to the development of the sexual life of your couple.

Detach yourself from all these situations that stress you again and again to the point of making all sexual desire between you disappear: professional demands, the financial health of your couple, neighborhood disputes… create a protective cocoon between you two deciding to let go. Don’t let yourself be psychologically overwhelmed by these daily hassles that seriously harm your libido.

Moreover, you should opt for the practice of activities that will allow you to better deal with stress: sport, yoga… these activities will allow you to recharge your energy batteries to spend them in bed.

  • 10. Take initiatives

You have to take initiatives and provoke sexual desire in your relationship. Yes sexual desire is provoked!!! the decrease or the increase of the libido in your couple depends strongly on a set of factors that you can and should control.

Use the tricks mentioned above such as the physical closeness, body care, the surprise effect…be proactive and take the first step. Don’t wait in your corner for your partner to approach you. You must take initiative and always demonstrateimagination.

  • 11. Make a threesome?

You probably go to a swingers club, to look at other couples, and without necessarily taking action, can arouse the renewal of desire between us. You can also register on a libertine dating site, in order to find a third person, and try to make a 3 waywith a man or a woman.

Obviously, the two members of the couple agree to embark on such an adventure.

  • 12. Break the routine in bed

Start already with redo your bedding. Clean up your room. Perfume it. Then try a new position in bed. You didn’t practice foreplay before? Innovate tonight by starting with caresses. Did you only do it in the bedroom? Change location!!

Make love in the kitchen, in the living room, in the shower, in the swimming pool…offer her a very hot striptease session.

Bring some small changes to see the sexual desire soar in your relationship.

For further : if you have any other advice increase a couple’s libido, you can mention them in the comments:

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