Top 12 tips for a painless first time

Her first time without pain: 12 tips to avoid pain

Here is my 12 tips to “succeed” her first time in bed, and feeling as little pain as possible, during the first penetration.

  • 1/ Making love for the first time: a personal decision.

Making love for the first time is one of the most important stages in the life of an individual, whether it is a man or a woman. Because theexperience that we draw from it can influence or determine all the rest of our sex life.

The worst of errors to do in this case would be to decide to do it under the influence, and for reasons other than those arising from its own decision. Deciding to have sex because your friends have all done it and you’re the only one in the gang who’s still virgin.

Agreeing to make love for the first time just by yielding to pressure of his boyfriend or his girlfriend… are mistakes not to be made. It is an important moment in life.

You have to be sure to do it with the right person, at the right time, at the right time and for the right reasons. Decide to do so by personal choice and not because of external reasons. It’s necessary feel ready and want to.

  • 2/ Know yourself and your own body.

To pull a experience satisfaction of his first sexual act, it is necessary to know oneself and know your own body.

Don’t be afraid to touch upstream, to know each other better, and have fun alone.

This will allow you to know the parties sensibles of your body, the sexual practices that give you maximum pleasure and those that make you feel uncomfortable sooner. This will give you a head start on your first day and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

La masturbation may be recommended in this case, provided it is practiced in moderation.

  • 3/ Establish a favorable climate for dialogue

Both partners should talk to reassure each other, especially if both are still virgins or to reassure the other if one of the members of the couple has already had sexual intercourse.

You have to agree on how you want it to go.

Try to go beyond taboos and open up to others to dispel uncertainties and worries that any first sexual experience can cause.

  • 4/ Choose the right place, create a good atmosphere.

The setting must be ideal and must make you want to make love. Avoid a stressful or gloomy setting. Because this place will be for you a unforgettable memory. It is therefore important to ensure that this memory is rather pleasant.

Put a musique soft, create a pleasant atmosphere that reassures.

Ideally a tidy room and well ventilated with no risk of being surprised.

  • 5/ Avoid stressful situations

Don’t put pressure on yourself. Avoid doubting yourself, your ability to rise to the occasion.

Be confident and relaxed. As mentioned above, make sure not only that the setting is ideal, but that you don’t run the risk of being caught having sex.

Make the place comfortable.

Choose a setting where you are sure to live a total intimate experience without disturbances. Talk with your partner to clear blockages due to first intercourse.

  • 6/ Ensure hair removal and personal hygiene

Feel beautiful or beautiful and desirable. La small girl opting for a outfit a little sexier pto raise the temperature and increase sexual desire in your partner.

Add some parfum to neutralize bad odors and to attract the other by smell. Take a shower (laughs).

Epilate in a reasonable way to irritate the affected parts: this is valid for both partners.

In summaryensure personal hygiene.

  • 7/ Have condoms: and try them before

This is another important point that is often a source of disagreement in couples, especially when it comes to making love for the first time. However, it is important to have it and use it even if you are virgin and it’s the first time.

Because one of the two spouses can carry the virus of one of the STDs, since all these maladies are only caught during sexual intercourse. Good quality condoms should also be chosen which do not run any risk of cracking.

  • 8/ Practice foreplay

Especially for the first time, it is important to use the foreplay to put you both in the ideal conditions, especially since you are not used to it yet. Focus on the erogenous zones of your partner, take your time and take it easy.

practice massage, using several positions, caress your partner’s body. Not necessarily the genitals at first !!

These tips are important and help with lubrication which is very important for a penetration without pain.

  • 9/ Take her all her time

It is important to insist on this point.

Because contrary to what everyone may think, sexual intercourse is not a performance test, even less when it comes to the first sexual experience. Take the time to insure the little details that matter.

Practice foreplay.

Admire the curves of the body of your partner. Pay attention to his reactions. Don’t rush headlong into the girl’s vagina (laughs). Raise the pressure and the desire in the other.

  • 10/ Opt for a simple sexual position

For the first sexual intercourse, it is necessary to adopt a position simple that puts you both at ease. Avoid at all costs a position that makes the girl nervous.

She will have a lot of preference for a position that will allow to have control over man et on the depth of penetration.

To start the best position recommended in this case is the position of the missionary.

In this position, the woman remains lying down, the man is above her and the two face each other.

When you get used to it, you can alternate the positions to multiply the sensations of pleasure.

  • 11/ Control pain and bleeding.

Control your partner’s gestures.

Don’t feel obligated to complete the act on the same day. If your partner is in pain, just stop having sex. You can resume once by improving the mistakes of the last experience.

Sit down relax girl. The pain may be due to muscle contractions of the vagina linked to increased stress in the girl (due to fear). And as for bleeding, it’s just the membrane covering the entrance to the vagina (thehymen) which tears.

It doesn’t have to be painful. Some women don’t feel it. But not always..

Finally, the bleeding is not systematic during a first penetration. However, you can put a towel underneath, to make sure that you do not stain the mattress.

  • 12/ Reach orgasm from the first sexual intercourse?!

If you don’t reach orgasm the first time you have sex, that’s completely normal. It will come with time.

So don’t panic. You need time to get to know you and your body.

The more you know what makes you really happy, the more you will be able to reach the famous « seventh heaven ».

But if you really want to orgasm from the first sexual intercourse (which is nevertheless complicated), focus on the foreplay phase.

You can caress the clitoris of the girl during the sexual act, even during penetration. Well, if she agrees, and she asks for it.

For further : you can share your first time with a man, in the comments below, and indicate, if you felt any pains :

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