Top 12 tips for becoming a handsome guy

Top 12 tips for becoming a handsome guy

If you want come an alpha male, that appeals to women, here are the best tips in order to become a « beau goss » :

  1. Play sports

women love men very manly, strong and confident. However, this does not necessarily imply having pumped up biceps or turning your abdomen into a chocolate bar.

All it takes is a little muscles to impress women, and that while playing sports. If you want to conquer women, know that being chubby would not help matters.

Even if the physique is not a determining criterion, you will help heal your image.

  1. Pay attention to your style of dress

Being a handsome kid doesn’t just depend on your face or your physique. The dress code also plays a very important role.

However, this does not require paying for a trendy t-shirt costing several tens of euros or showing up with a branded watch.

Choose the garment which will put you in value without being too sophisticated.

  1. Choose your shoes well

Again, it’s not about having a high-end item. the goal is not to look cheesy.

Let’s not forget that women pay special attention at the feet. As the first impression is the right one, never overlook this detail.

What must be remembered is that the shoe should match your outfit well. It should also highlight your silhouette.

  1. Hygiene is key

With a beautiful physique and appropriate clothing, you managed to get the woman’s attention.

However, not everything is a foregone conclusion. Bad breath or a dirty fingernail could do it all to compromise. Take care of your hygiene to put the odds on your side.

It’s not complicated, just take a shower regularly and to use a deodorant or perfume from time to time to fight perspiration.

  1. Haircut

It is no longer necessary to specify that the haircut is essential in terms of aesthetics. However, to highlight the face, it will take the right cut.

Your hairdresser should be able to help in this direction. Otherwise, the internet is full of useful advice so that you have an idea of ​​the cut that suits you.

  1. And the beard?

There is no strict rule to observe. If you like beards, you must have the habit of maintaining it so as not to denigrate your appearance. Note that the beard is a sign of maturity.

For some women, a well trimmed beard also marks virility. In any case, it lets you know how much you take care of yourself.

Even if you’re not a razor whiz, a barber or a hairdresser can certainly help you.

  1. Have the makings of a leader

Be careful, you can quickly fall into thearrogance if you take it wrong. Know how to take matters into your own hands and highlight your personality.

Show that you have one or more goals in life and that you are determined to achieve it at all costs and regardless of the obstacles.

The women appreciate this kind of mane. You will be the most beautiful for her.

  1. Avoid complexes

As we often say, no one is perfect. In fact, everyone has their own default. Only, you have to know how to recognize your strengths and exploit them. Maybe you’re not sexy, but you havehumour.

You are not not necessarily an infallible flirt. Yet you have the kind of smile that makes fantasize the women. Be yourself and you will be irresistible.

  1. Self-confidence

Self-confidence will also make you handsome. Be sure of your values ​​and potential. This is easily recognizable: the gaze, tone of voice, assurance when arguing one’s ideas.

The women find this kind of very attractive man. Remember that it’s not all about physics. You need to become an alpha male.

  • 10. Work on your charisma

Becoming a handsome kid takes work. The goal is to stand out and grab attention. It is not won in advance, but everything depends on your will.

You can train in front of a mirror. do as if you talk with a woman. As you train, it would become natural.

  • 11. Control your movements

Gesture speaks a lot. A beautiful kid masters perfectly his body movements. He is attentive to everything that is happening around him and reacts according to the context.

This is an example of a alpha male who remains calm and unperturbed whatever the situation. An important point: always watch your interlocutor straight in the eye. Your insurance will make you more beautiful.

  • 12. Don’t neglect sleep

And lack of sleep will have a disastrous effect on your appearance. To be beautiful, several elements come into play: the physique, the energy released, the complexion, the clothing.

If you don’t get enough sleep, it will have an impact sure about your overall appearance.

For further : here are my tips for become a « good guy ». If you have other ideas, you can put them in the comments.

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