Top 15 most beautiful naturist beaches in France

Top 15 most beautiful naturist beaches in France

Top 15 most beautiful naturist beaches in France. My ranking of the most beautiful naturist beaches in France:

  • No. 1- The Hossegor naturist beach

France is one of the countries allowing naturism on its beaches, it has many beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe in peace. For the first, there is the beach of the wild coast of Hossegor which is on the Landes coast. You can both swim and admire the dunes of the Landes coast.

  • N°2- Opal sands beach in Berck

Opal sands beach in Berck in Nord-Pas-de-Calais happens to be one of the best in France, naturism and tanning enthusiasts will certainly be satisfied to take a trip there. In addition, you will find a lot of leisure activities nearby while enjoying the view by the sea.

  • N°3- Lourtouai beach, in North Brittany.

Lourtouais beach on the Côtes d’Armor in northern Brittany is also one of the most atypical naturist beaches in France. The Lourtouais beach in the Côtes d’Armor offers various interesting places apart from its beach, the Hermitage cave, the Gargantua rock.

  • N°4- The beach of the caves on the Ile du Levant

The beach of the caves on the Ile du Levant on the Var coast is one of the quality naturist beaches in France. You can take full advantage of the climate offered by the Mediterranean for your tanning sessions. For a naturist, the beach of the caves is the ideal beach not to be missed.

  • No. 5- Cap Taillat beach in Ramatuelle

Still in the Var coast, the Cap Taillat beach in Ramatuelle is also a good choice for the happiness of nudists. You will have the choice with the number of creeks that are there for intimate swimming. But you will also appreciate the Cap Taillat beach which is rather secluded.

  • N°6- The beach of Saumonards in the Island of Oleron

The Saumonards beach in the Ile D’Oleron in Charente-Maritime offers many nautical activities for nudists. With a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will also be entitled to a facade of Fort Boyard. To get there, you have to cross a pine forest before you can walk on the sand dunes.

  • N°7- Euronat beach in Gironde

Also on the Atlantic coast, the Euronat beach in Gironde is one of the largest naturist resorts in Europe. It includes a naturist center and campsites, and nearby is the very wide beach which offers superb views of the ocean.

  • N°8- Espiguette beach in Gard

On the Mediterranean coast is the beach of Espiguette in the Gard in Occitanie, it is perfectly equipped to welcome holidaymakers thanks to the seaside resorts. The decor is ideal for spending time under the sun, naturist enthusiasts will be delighted.

  • N°9- the naturist village of Cap d’Agde in Hérault

Still on the Mediterranean coast, in Occitanie, the naturist village of Cap d’Agde in Hérault is one of the top official naturist beaches in France. The beach is also converted into a seaside resort to delight holidaymakers, many activities are available to naturists in the village and on the beach which is very large.

  • N°10- the naturist village of Port-Leucate

We still stay in Occitania, the naturist village of Port-Leucate is just as well known for its beaches which stretch over several kilometers of the Mediterranean coast. Leucate beach is made up of different seaside resorts to spend your stays. Naturism is of course allowed in the village.

  • N°11- Bagheera beach in Linguizetta

In Haute-Corse, Bagheera beach in Linguizetta is just as magnificent, the beach is lined with sand and is long. The perfect beach for a quiet vacation with several secluded coves for privacy. In addition, Bagheera beach is made especially for nudists.

  • N°12- La Villata beach, Corsica

La Villata beach, which is located in Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio in the south-east of the island of Beauty, is one of the naturist beaches not to be missed in France. The beach is divided into two parts once at the water’s edge, but to access it, you have to walk on foot on a cadastral path. You will also find wooden chalets to admire the sea and the sand during your stay.

  • N°13- Pen Bron beach in Turballe

Pen Bron Beach in Turballe is ideal for spending a peaceful holiday by the sea. It offers an exquisite view of the Atlantic with 900 m in length. Pen Bron beach is also renowned for being the most beautiful naturist beach in Loire-Atlantique, many naturism enthusiasts frequent the place and are satisfied with its visit.

  • N°14- Arnaoutchot beach in Landres

Enjoy the unique beauty of the Landes on Arnaoutchot beach, in addition to its reputation for being a star figure among naturist beaches in France. Naturism is in great demand on this beach, holidaymakers enjoying swimming without clothes will be satisfied with the calm and gentleness of the sea.

  • N°15- The naturist village of La Jenny, in Gironde

And finally, the beach of the naturist village of Jenny is the perfect place for the practice of naturism. It is located in Gironde south of Le Porge, a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers and where everything is bare. Golf, Archery, Yoga, all these activities are offered in the Jenny naturist centre.

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