Top 15 romantic music for making love

Top 15 romantic music for making love

Here is my ranking of best songs to put in the background during that you make love.

N°1: Artist: Lana Del Rey / Title: Honeymoon

With a rather evocative title, go straight up to seventh heaven to the rhythm of a soft pop song in a slow-sex style sung by a voice; soft, caressing and intoxicating. Go beyond the sensations usually experienced with your partner during your sexual intercourse.

N°2 : Marvin Gaye / Titre : Sexual Healing

Can we draw up the list of the best music to put in the background when we make love without a city, the famous song performed by the erotic voice by reference: that of Marvin Gaye?? Let yourself be sexually carried away by the vocal power of the singer in a soulful rhythm. Sighs and pleasures guaranteed !!!

N°3 : Artiste: (Al Green) / titre « how can you mend a broken heart»

Released in 1972, this pure soul title is to be enjoyed without moderation to increase the libido in a couple. Combine it with a few scented candles and a glass of champagne to experience intense moments of pleasure between the two of you.

N°4: Artist: Deftones / title: Sextape

There’s nothing better than rhythmic and slightly frenzied music to pace your intimate moments. If you want to go to a higher level of physical expenditure during your sexual intercourse, this music dominated by guitar and bass is indicated. Change your pace for once in the room and opt for guaranteed thrills with the Californian group.

N°5 : Artiste : Massive – Attack / Titre Paradise Circus

A soft and sensual voice to rock your sexual movements. This title will encourage you to let your deepest sexual urges express themselves. Your desire for the other will only grow.

N°6 : Artiste : Son Lux / Titre : Easy

Open yourself up to a world of eroticism that will raise the temperature and the sexual desire between the two of you with its very powerful electro pop. Ah yes you guessed it. It’s the song from the trailer for the film « My King of MaÏwenn » that will ensure you a good naughty session with an orgasm.

N°7 : Artiste : Sade  / Titre : By your Side

With this music in the background, the woman will see her sexual energy multiplied by several. Both soft and deep English of Nigerian origin will captivate your senses and increase the sensations of pleasure. You will be sexually hypnotized by this melody.

N°8 : Artiste : Céline Dion /  Titre : My heart will go on

Fly away in a whirlwind of pleasure with the most beautiful female voice in the world (that of Celine Dion). Romantic music that will accompany your sexual intercourse and wrap you and your partner in sheets of happiness.

Don’t forget to work the setting and decor in your favor. Soft lighting, scented candles, a little champagne and this music in the background, you are on your way to seventh heaven.

N°9 : Artiste : The weeknd  / Titre : Earned it

Very sexy music that makes you want to give yourself up at a sadomaso party. If you have a whip hidden somewhere in the room, I advise you to take it out for this occasion. This song will make you want to use it in a dominating/dominated sex.

N°10 : Artiste: Lo-Fang / Titre : You’re The One That I Want

A soft, sweet and refined song sung by a sensual, piercing voice that will give you goosebumps. Ideal music for a cuddly and gentle session with your loved one.

N°11 : Artiste: Tom Jones / Titre : Sex Bomb

Sexy music, very sexy, ideal for wiggling, wiggling in front of your partner to raise the temperature and increase sexual desire. You can also get into a very hot striptease party with this song. You will see love for sure. Thrills guaranteed!!!

N°12 : Artiste : Nina Simone / Titre : I Put A Spell On You

If you listen to this song while in your partner’s arms, you’ll feel like time has stopped. The vocal timbre of the sublime black American singer will make you lose track of time and will give you chills for sure.

N°13 : Artiste Bruno Mars : Titre : Just the way you are de

With his particularly captivating voice, singer Bruno Mars will make you want to embark on an ocean of hugs and tenderness to the rhythm of his half-romantic, half-wild song.

N°14 : Artiste: Disclosure / Titre: You & Me de

A magnetic and captivating song that will make the two partners crazy about each other. A song to use without moderation during the preliminary phase.

N°15: Artist: Serge Gainsbourg / Title: I love you… Me neither

Go straight from hot to cold in seconds along with the singer’s sultry pun. This song will raise the temperature during your passionate erotic somersaults.

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