Top 5 Biker Dating Sites

Top 5 Biker Dating Sites

If you visit a dating website, you are sure to meet amazing people and you can also meet motorcycle fans, although, we must admit, biker dating sites are more discreet and difficult to find so some will say, why not accept to meet someone who is not addicted to motorcycling? Because the motos are a way of life. I still regret sharing it with someone I don’t know who doesn’t appreciate the happiness what it takes to drive a two-wheeler, that’s why we present to you our top 5 of dating website for biker.

In short, here is our ranking of the best sites to meet (one or more) bikers :

1. Elite Dating

We did the test and Elite Dating just asked us to choose from some options in order to complete our profile. It’s not too inclusive since it’s a male/female dichotomy, but it’s still very good.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: how does this site help bikers find each other? Right after we created our profile, the site asked us quite a few questions. impressive about us. It is above all a personality test, but it also asks us about what we are looking for in a partner, as well as our main personal interests. To be sure to meet bikers here, you have to be a fan of motorcycles. Just a little advice: it is better to do some sacrifices first by taking the time to answer all the questions, the game is worth the effort.

2. Motorcycle encounter

Initially, the name of the site seems quite promising, but, in terms of completeness, it’s zero. The site asks us to indicate whether we are female or male and we are only allowed to use profiles of the opposite sex, which does not leave the possibility for bikers gays to meet people. For the bikers among you who are not exclusively heterosexualit can get a bit complicated.

Regarding the process ofinscription, it’s very simple and fast: two or three clicks and it doesn’t require too much thought. As soon as the navigation right was granted to us, a detail arose: the site itself was entirely in French, but the archives were in English and unfortunately, we still cannot change that. So be careful: Anglophobic motorcyclists should abstain.

Apart from these small problems, the site is fluid, the community is growing and we have met some great people. Moreover, if you are seniordo not hesitate to test a dedicated community site like Say Tomorrow, you will surely find what you are looking for.

3. Biker Dating

From the moment we started using this site, there was a rather puzzling problem that pointed out. Indeed, by registering on this site, we vaguely had the impression of having been re-registered without wanting it on MeetBiker, but no, these are two very different dating sites that have nothing to do with each other.

We found the profile creation process quick and the redirection is automatic. After registering our account, the interface is classic and it is very quick and easy to fill in your profile.

The advantage of this site lies in its filtering function, which makes it possible to select only certain profiles by choosing character traits or physique to include or exclude. The icon in the corner of the browser tab is a little pink butterfly and we think that’s very cute. This site, unlike the others, is completely available in French, which is nice.

4. eDarling

eDarling has a large number of bikers out of those 14 million users worldwide. The main advantage of this site is the verification of accounts in order to avoid fake accounts as much as possible. Thus anyone wishing to join this community must confirm the email provided in the registration form.

Then you can chat without interruption with your « match » through the application. The eDarling app is free and available on Android and iOS devices.

This site does not allow users to search for matches using filters as the system allows you to choose a person for a chat from your list of matches. You will have access to new profiles every day and eDarling selects the most suitable accounts based on your personality test during registration.

5. Attractive World

Attractive World is one of the premium dating sites in Spark Networks which has several biker profiles in its database. There is a very strict selection process in which existing members decide whether a new member should join or not. Standards are generally based on appearance and profile in its globality.

Creating an account is free. However, to take advantage of the messaging function, you will need to request a paid subscription in order to take advantage of the following advantages: the status of messages and you will be able to send them to several members, whether they are premiums or not. You can search for a specific user by his nickname or by his character traits.

Without a membership, all you can do is browse for members who match your criteria. Members can send « flirt » messages or customize the criteria to connect with others. You can download the mobile application on your smartphone from your iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android, all free.

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