Top 5 most difficult sex positions in the world.

You want to put pepper in your sex life 😎 ? Or, you want push the limits of your body and that of your partner? Well, if you are flexible, know that there are positions in the Kamasutra that are particularly difficult to achieve 😉 . I take this opportunity to make it the Top 5 of hardest sex positions (and which sometimes hurt), if you ever want to try to reproduce them at home!

Top 5 most difficult sex positions in the world.

The five most difficult positions 😈 in the world, as their names indicate, are undoubtedly « difficult ». I am not teaching you anything by saying that to practice them, you will need strength (especially in men), flexibility (especially in femme) and really and above all really great motivation. Because seen from this angle, the sexual act becomes a burden rather than a pleasure. But of course it depends on your skills physical and your motivation. For most of them, the plus is the tenfold increase of the senses. Those of your partner and yours. For lovers of sex and « thrills » in bed, it’s just to spice things up 😂. Act positions sexual, the most difficult are numerous. All different, each with its own advantage(s) and disadvantage(s). But in this article we will only talk about 5 of them. These 5 are ranked among the most difficult in the category difficult positions and are an integral part of the Kamasutra. Your flexibility skills will be put to the test in the position of the vine presented below.

The position of the vine

If your abilities flexibility level 🤠 are comparable to those of Nadia Comaneci and that you are skilled at doing the splits, then it’s time to exercise your skills (skills required for the partner and not necessarily for the partner)!

So you are standing and facing each other. You (the lady) have your leg resting on your partner’s shoulder who exercises the back and forth movements by clinging to your hips. It is useless to try if you lack flexibility, penetration will then be impossible. The advantage here is an exciting face-to-face with your partner. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that this is reserved for very flexible women indeed. The difficulty increases a little with the position of the antelope.

the position of the antelope

Requiring strength from the partner 🤓, it is a position that will test, flexibility, lightness and agility.

Your partner is standing (the man). He carries you, and meanwhile, you hook your legs around his waist. He then performs back and forth movements. To make it easier for you, you can lean against a wall or on a table. It makes you win in duration and stability. The advantage here is that it is a terribly exciting position by its wild and spontaneous side. But at the same time, despite the tricks not to get tired, it is difficult to show endurance in this position.

The following position is not for everyone so we will see if you are ready to take up the challenge.

the position of the small bridge

It is not on the Avignon bridge that you will dance, but of course on that of your partner. Monsieur is positioned in such a way as to form a bridge (with his back towards the ground of course). You (the woman) will come and sit on him, standing on your tiptoes. It will be up to you to practice the back and forth movements. And of course gently! Under penalty of a nice lumbago. This position is an unusual position that will spice up your sex life, but too bad it’s impossible to hold on for long. It’s more about a sexual performance than a position.

The following tightrope walker’s position, very different from the one seen just now, will put your acrobatic skills into practice.

the position of the tightrope walker (from the Kâmasûtra)

The position is aptly named! Even more difficult than walking on a wire, you will have to hold on to one hand. A number worthy of an acrobat. Your partner is standing. It lifts you into a lying position on your side while you maintain your posture by helping you with one hand on the floor. Different from other positions, it makes you gain in depth in terms of penetration. However, if Mr. lacks strength in the arms, it is better for your safety not to try it.

You think you’ve been through sexual hell through the past positions, well this one is sure to give you a hard time.

the position of the thai wheelbarrow

The level of difficulty increases 🧐 with the Thai wheelbarrow. So plan a warm-up moment before you get started. Strength and agility will be there. You balance in front of your partner and put your feet on his shoulders or he grabs them. You are therefore upside down, your belly against that of your partner. Then he bends his legs so he can enter you in a wheelbarrow shape as the name of the position suggests. It allows the man to have an unobstructed view of his partner’s body (from the back) and of the penetration. But do not forget that it is difficult to hold over time. Especially for the woman who is upside down.

If you manage to reproduce the 5 positions, it means that you are a champ 😉 !

Also, share in the comments the names of the positions that you find the most difficult. And if you are looking for a sexual plane or just a serious dating, think about our comparisons of dating website by category.

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