Top 7 dating classifieds sites

So you would like to know what is the top 7 sites for dating classifieds, which is more than normal given that you want to find theamour. And today, thanks to our research, to our comparison, you will be able to see that finding love is not so complicated. On the other hand, there are a multitude of sites internet for dating classifieds and you don’t know which one to choose. What you need to know is that most of the sites for offers of meetings achieves online advertising. Many of them guarantee the protection of your data, your confidentiality, really help you to find theamour. They also have a concept that was developed based on your affinities in general.

In general, you will have to go to very specialized sites or to sites with an extremely largebecause they are people who really want to commit to a relationship serious. Now let’s dive right in and uncover this top 7.



It is one of the best classified ad sites in France, generalist and specializing in real estate agencies and used vehicles. But over time they have evolved to allow Internet users to offer any goods and services on their sites. Today they have also become a dating site.

Applying the principle of free advertisement, Male, female, whether you are hetero or homosexual, you have the possibility of making your advertisements free of charge on this site. It’s an easy process, as it will only take you a few moments to register your post on the platform. ParuVendu already has more than 4,000 ads to its credit, enough to show the notoriety it demonstrates.

This site also offers you the possibility of meeting people by city, by department or even by region. And it is also very popular for its ease of use.


By having a free and no-cost member of this dating site, you find the solution to escape loneliness. This site meets your expectations by helping you either quickly find the classified ads for men and women who live in your region and who are looking for a soul mate, or to create your classified ad to share your profile.

This site demonstrates responsibility and seriousness, because it applies a careful selection of singles who frequent this site. Thanks to this work you will have the possibility of quickly finding a serious and reliable partner for the beginning of a long and beautiful love story.

When registering on this site, the only information you need to provide is your email address. This site is very popular with Internet users and has become a reference in terms of dating ads, because it is very intuitive.


This site has a very large number of subscribers because it initially offers a vast catalog of goods and services to its Internet users, particularly in all sectors of activity. In France this site is one of the best sites in the field of free classified ads.

Registration is totally free and the reach of your ads is immense. As a result, it is very easy for you to make personal ads for your city or anywhere else in France. The probability that you will be contacted some time after your ad is very high.


« Only love makes us see ordinary things in an extraordinary way That’s already for their slogan to enter the game. This site is 100% free for singles and offers you a unique experience. Many singles have already experienced the happiness of finding a soul mate through this site.

Registration is quick and easy, after which you have the opportunity to post your ad to thousands of members who are just waiting for it. Done, you can be contacted by one or one of the members, who if you want will draw you into a discussion in private message.


This site allows you to place your dating ad for free, because this makes 9 categories accepted as free classified ads by the site. 1000 Annonces offers thousands of products and services in all sectors of activity.

This site also offers you a freedom like nowhere else, for example you are only looking for a sex plan without commitment and you have the possibility of publishing your ad here without fear. Whether you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, your ads on this site will be taken into account and shared with as many people as possible.


This site is very special and brings a concept very different from other sites for classified ads. The peculiarity with them, is at the level of the fact that during registration it does not require photos. There is a good reason for this, puts more emphasis on the personality of their member than on their physical property.

The administrators of this site are very rigorous and strict regarding the profiles of members, so you will understand that it is very difficult to come across fake profiles on this site.

But all in all the prince at the bottom remains the same, you can post your ads while having the guarantee of quickly finding the person you are looking for. Because the descriptions of each profile are perfectly to the point.


Posting these ads on this site is very attractive, you see your ad being in the news every day on the site for a period of 2 months, which considerably allows you to get responses quickly.

Of course, you post your ads on this site completely free of charge, but the site nevertheless has premium options, which consist of making your ads even more designer.

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