Top 7 dating sites in Belgium

Top 7 dating sites in Belgium

Finding a lifelong partner isn’t easy.. Inasmuch as single, it is possible not to know how to do it and therefore lack benchmarks. It is therefore essential to have a guide! This article therefore reviews the top 7 dating sites in Belgium. Therefore, if you want get out of the routine of celibacythis article is probably for you!

1. Parship Belgium

Parship is a dating site whose main purpose is to place love at the center of attention. In effect, love is their “core business”. TherebyParship offers meetings based on affinities. Thus you will be forced to complete a questionnaire capable of highlighting your major characteristics, as well as your compatibility rate. Based on this questionnaire, you will therefore be put in touch with other singles. Re Parship, you should know that reliability and safety are at the rendezvous! The site consists of 51% men and to 49% women. It is open to everyone, whether you are heterosexual or homosexual. It is to highlight that the standard age for singles in Parship is 30, and most are fairly well-educated (around 75%). In addition, Parship is a proven dating site since every 11 minutes, someone finds love there. Nevertheless, the jokers must abstain because Parship is a site designed for serious meetings of partners.

2. Elite dating

As its name suggests, this is a dating site specially designed for people looking for the elite in love. In effect, Elite dating is quite selective and is considered a premium site. Nevertheless, just like Parshipthe dating site is based on the principle of affinity in order to connect singles. A personality test is therefore set up by the dating site to help each single person find love.. Elite dating is a reliable site ensuring interactions that are both simple and exciting between the various profiles. Accessible to heterosexuals and homosexuals, the site lists singles whose the age range varies between 30 and 55 years old. It is to highlight that, more than 80% of the members of this site have a high level of study. Also, the dating site consists of 50% men and 50% women and receives over 800,000 new members each month.

3. SayTomorrow

With a fairly innovative operating principleSayTomorrow allows every single Belgian to write a new chapter in their life. Concretely, it allows Belgians to find love nearby. It should be noted, however, that the site is designed for single people over 50. Many activities are offered there to allow each single person to establish a physical connection with the partner of their choice. Profiles are constantly checked there, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises. In addition, SayTomorrow has a large selection of men and women. Thus allowing all Belgians to find their soul mate, regardless of their sexual orientation.. It is therefore a serious dating site with nearly 3,000,000 monthly visits.

4. Meetic Belgium

The primary function of Meetic Belgium, is to facilitate meetings between singles. It is a site enjoying an international reputation. Meetic Belgium has several years of experience and is considered by many Belgians to be one of the best dating sites. Safety and reliability are assured. In addition, Meetic Belgium is accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is possible to meet 18-year-old Belgians but also older Belgians. Meetic has more than 15 million users. As a result, you will surely find the person you need. Meetic is open to heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.. More than 8 million couples have therefore already been formed on this dating site.


This is a 100% Belgian dating site. As its name suggests, it allows you to meet people of all genders in order to create affinities. It is possible to make romantic encounters and friendly encounters there.. You should know that Rendez-vous is a completely free site. This dating site is specially designed for heterosexual, homosexual and even bisexual people. It is therefore accessible to any category of person and does not take education level into account. Its main strengths are the presence of a simple and free registration, the presence of a personality text, the possibility of making your photos either private or public and its reliability. In addition, this dating site is also available in a mobile version. In addition, appointment has over 40,000 singles.

6. 1tense Belgium

Even if the dating site is new, the quality is there. Indeed, 1tense allows you to make strong and emotional encounters. Due to its young age, the dating site only has a few thousand singles, however, every week hundreds of singles join it. Speaking of 1tense Belgium, it is important to note that this site is very serious since it actively fights against the proliferation of fake profiles. Also, this site is free and account for most single people under 50.

7. 50plusmatch

As you may have guessed, 50plusmatch is a dating site aimed primarily at people in their fifties. This dating site is all about diversity and makes it possible to find either heterosexual or homosexual partners. This Belgian site therefore has several advantages, such as a low price. Indeed, subscribing to 50plusmatch is a very advantageous option for any single person. In addition, the site has 55% male and 45% female. You can send personal messages or play online games with other singles to break the ice..

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