Top 7 female fantasies in France!

Top 7 female fantasies in France

What are the most common fantasies among women in France? Although some prefer To keep their fantasies for them, others will not hesitate to reveal them and live these experiences and these adventures!

  • 1. Threesomes

The number one fantasy of women is good to make love in threes! In most cases, the fantasy ends up being put away under the rubric vague desires and future regrets.

Taking the plunge remains one of the most threatening decisions for a couple, married or not, even if the weekly presence of hundreds of married couples in swingers’ clubs in France shows that it is a perfectly conceivable.

  • 2. Licentiousness

Historically, the debauchery is first of all a current of thought. Free-thinker, anti-conformist, it highlights freedom and individual ethics against codes morals imposed by society and religions.

If the term has gradually been reduced to the sole field of sexual practices (and particularly of group sexuality), we must not lose sight of the « real » libertines retain this feeling of belonging to an environment that shares a certain turn of mind and a certain art of living. Often fantasized, sometimes frowned upon, the debauchery attracts many female curiosities.

  • 3. Bondage

The art of bondage is a reciprocal pleasure activity derived from the sadomasochistic movement. Following the updating of the SM in sex life Westerners, a certain fascination appears for the you are sick of Japanese inspiration, with its unique philosophy of the master/submissive relationship.

Bondage is a form of art of living and a beautiful expression of sexuality ; it implies a real collaboration between the actors. The ritual is much more in the domain of simulation and some staging than a real danger.

Monsieur, inspired by bondage techniques, will choose the position in which Mademoiselle will be immobilized. Anyway, the only two things that matter are that she is totally immobile and unable to do the slightest movement, and above all that his mouth, sex and all his erogenous zones are accessible.

Attention, the person must always be able breathe comfortably.

  • 4. The staging of erotic scenarios

Stage yourself rcomes to open up new horizons to the couple, to have roles taken on, to give themselves the illusion of making love with one or another, in such and such situations.

It’s the fantasy that all women in France wish to achieve with their partners.

  • 5. Love in the water or on the beach

In love there is nothing more dangerous than boredom ! Making love anywhere except in a bed is a adventure as exhilarating, erotic and fun as it is easy to implement. All the locations are good if you take a few precautions.

Don’t forget the Penal Code which, in its article 222-32 outlaws “the sexual exhibition imposed on the sight of others in a place accessible to the gaze of the public”. It could cost you a fine of 15,000 euros – yes, anyway! – and a year in prison.

  • 6. Role reversal (making love with a woman)

The cross-dressing from woman to man among lesbians or at the straight couples leads to a range of pretty pungent power plays. It is also one of fantasies that all women dream of realizing one day! Role reversal is a basic erotic situation, which does not commit to anything, and will not come not disrupt your sexual identity permanently.

Why deprive yourself of a little innocent and terribly exciting ?

  • 7. Le gang bang

It’s a radical experience, which can turn a couple’s life upside down. So it requires reflection. You have to be sure of yourself and of your partner, certain that you are in good agreement with the experience, and not expect more from it than what it can bring… Starting with beautiful erotic and fun memories. If it really tempts you – and it requires reflection – choose one swinger box discreet, preferably away from home, which will allow you when you leave to become anonymous. The image of the “gang bang girl” still remains quite negative today.

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