Top 7 Places to Meet a Michoneuse

Top 7 Places to Meet a Michoneuse

You are attracted to michtonous women ? Or on the contrary, you especially do not want not deal with them ? Where you’re a mitcho yourself, and you’re looking for places to find good matches ? Anyway, I’m going to give you tips to better understand this ruthless universe, or only money matters.

My ranking of 7 places where you have the most luck to meet michtos

  • 1. Training professional football players

Let’s start by making the point of professional soccer players. This is not hidden from anyone, they are very well paid. They are singles for the most part and in the prime of life. In their daily training, therefore, he cannot miss a bitch or two lent to their necks after training. An infallible place where you will never fail to find it. Also one thing to know about michtoneuses, they don’t like to spend their own money. The training of professional football players is therefore a perfect place for them. No expense, and chance to win big at the end if one of the players returns with one of them, or downright, all of them.

  • 2. Nightclubs on the Champs Élysées

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. I do not teach you anything. It is full of many rich men, hence the intervention of the michtoneuses. The nightclubs on the Champs Elysées are not lacking in « beautiful kids » ready to spend to have fun. One of the reasons it’s one of the busiest places in Paris. They seduce the men they find potentially frisky and the rest goes without saying.

  • 3. Avenue Montaigne in Paris and its bars

It is an avenue located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She marks the limite du triangle d’or (A part of the Champs-Élysées district, which is home to wealthy families, businesses and luxury brand merchants. There are luxury boutiques such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis-Vuitton, and etc.). We therefore immediately understand the reason why it is a place frequented by Michtos. Avenue Montaigne is different from the nearby Avenue des Champs-Élysées (there are less entertainment and much more luxury, particularly towards haute couture). the perfect hunting ground for the michtoneuses. They spend a lot of their time there window shopping. Already, the avenue is home to wealthy families and wealthy heirs. They therefore only have to put their tact and means of deception to nab one, just to cover their expenses, to be offered gifts, etc. In short, everything related to their interests. Nothing else.

  • 4. Dating sites for the rich

We’re going online. Of course, as the term implies « for the rich » , there are bound to be rich people on these dating sites. And who says rich, says presence of michtoneuses on the horizon. There are several dating sites for rich people, where one can find them.

  • 5. Du type Sugar Dady / Sugar Baby

Michtos like to go on Sugar Dady or Sugar Baby dating sites, because the men who are there are generally over 40 years old, and know that they will have to spend to go out with women. The rules of the game are written in advance, and they have no bad surprises. For this purpose, I wrote an article about the 3 best dating site for sugar daddy & Baby.

  • 6. Gleeden

Other sites of meet between rich people are also places of presence of the mishtos. In most of them, men seek women for serious relationships, but the michtos do not miss the call. Lend to the pretext that they also want a lasting and trusting relationship, but always in search of their own profits and therefore of rich men to seduce. For example, men are normally in a relationship on Gleeden, and the michtos come to try to extract gifts from them, for time spent together.

  • 7. Elite Rencontre

It’s a dating site for wealthy people. looking for true love, but also for all kinds of relationship. They are therefore frequent on this site just in case. And yes, the michto likes the man over 40, with heritage, and she can find a shovel of it on EliteRencontre.

  • 8. Meetic

Meetic is a dating site where it there are rich people (of course, not only..). Wealthy men as well as women are members. Men around 40 years old for example, certain millionaires, and who are looking for a soul mate. Or the opposite case. What is certain is that this site does not lack michtoneuses ready to seduce the first handsome rich who comes to them. The purpose of the site is to cause serious encounters between Internet users members and yet the michtos are present there.

Michtos Videos

A michto beurette talks about her case

We continue with a definition of the phenomenon and some advice on their expectations and how to recognize them, before you give the places where to meet them.

Michtoneuses, what are they?

Michtonuses, more commonly “michto” in slang French, refer to women who want, or who go out with men, for their money.

  • What a knitter is looking for

Or we can make it simple by saying that a michto is a woman who seduces a man to make the most of it financially, to be given money, gifts and etc. For example, being offered a Louis-vuitton bag, a trip, lingerie which cost the skin of the buttocks and etc. They use tact to get what they want differently from prostitutes who simply wait for the client. The practice of michtoneuses is also a kind of prostitution, but of the diplomatic kind.

  • How to recognize a michtoneuse?

They do not go directly to sex as in the case of prostitutes (whore), but use their beauty for example, the influence they have on their « prey » and so on. Since their primary goal is money, they do not fail to frequent chic places often frequented by wealthy businessmen. The places where they can be found therefore depend on who frequents these places. It will be enough that they are rich men, and they will be there too.

What is the definition of micto?

This is a woman who is above all interested in a man’s money, and who will seek to obtain gifts and invitations, without ever paying the penny.

How much does a micto earn?

A michto is not a prostitute, and does not receive money directly. They can only receive gifts, based on the free will and generosity of their boyfriend.

And don’t forget to go for a ride on notre ranking of 117 dating website in France.

Number of Michtos in France

We are looking to estimate their numbers in France:

Estimation* 2020 2021 2022
Number of Michtos (single & greedy woman) 390 000 420 000 460 000


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