Top 9 agencies to marry a Russian woman

Marry a Russian woman (or ballast), it’s possible. Especially since there are dating website and agencies dedicated to this research:

My ranking of best marriage agencies in order to meet a Russian woman:

  • Top 1: The International Marriage Agency Inter-Marriage

It is a marriage agency founded in January 2000. It is managed by Mrs. Marina Fedorova, born in the former USSR, more precisely in Sevastopol (in Crimea) in the south of Russia. She married a Frenchman in 1999 and since 2015, she lives in the Var (83) in the Toulouse region, after having lived 4 years in Marseille and 12 years in the Lyon region.

It was after having made the really sad observation and completely removed from the reality of the image that French men in particular had Russian and Ukrainian women that Madame Marina decided to found the marriage agency. Indeed, for most people, Russian women have no personality. They are totally submissive, docile and are even considered mere sexual objects. She therefore decided to fight against these clichés by founding her agency.

She is determined to dust off the image of marriage agencies by adopting a straight talk, a sincerity and an honesty that correspond to her strong temperament. She therefore offers services in her international dating agency and shows you the direction to follow to avoid pitfalls and disappointments to ensure success on this long and winding path that is the choice to start a home with a Russian woman or Ukrainian.

  • Top 2 : L’agence CQMI

The CQMI agency is a dating agency that helps you meet a sincere and motivated Russian or Ukrainian woman who matches you in a few days. If you are a man looking for love with a woman from the East, the CQMI agency offers you more than 1600 beautiful Slavic women who are waiting for their prince charming.

You can be that man. The CQMI dating agency also offers women the opportunity to meet the man of their life, whether from Canada, France, Belgium and all over the world. A man ready to start a nice serious relationship.

  • Top 3 : The marriage agency Paris

The matrimonial betting agency opened in 2007 allows you to make beautiful encounters with women from the East. Do you want to meet a Russian woman or a Ukrainian woman already living in France? The marriage agency Paris allows you to achieve this with the bonus of a romantic trip to Ukraine all organized.

The agency is headed by Ms. Grabovska Iryna. She is the head of the agency. It offers you the guarantee of traveling with you to Ukraine to accompany you in all your steps.

  • Top 4 : Ukraine Female Dating Agency

If you are looking for a serious, reliable marriage agency in order to meet beautiful Ukrainian or Russian women who have real family values ​​and who are looking for a serious relationship. If you are looking for a marriage agency that is not expensive at all and that protects you from the scams and scams that are common in this field.

The ideal would be to choose a dating site that has been operating for more than 15 years A site that is officially registered and that has an office in Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. The dating agency for Russian and Ukrainian women is for you.

  • Top 5 : The dating agency Au Coeur de L’Est

It allows you to meet, find love and marry a woman in Ukraine.

At the heart of the east is a marriage agency was created in 2011 with the aim of allowing men looking for a meeting that could lead to marriage with a Slavic woman to do so with complete peace of mind. It is based in Marseille and Paris and its field of action covers the whole of France, in Belgium and also in Switzerland.

  • Top 6 : The marriage agency « Love speaks Russian »

The Russian marriage agency « love speaks Russian » allows you to meet with confidence. She puts her 20 years of experience at your service. It is a high-end international marriage agency. She puts at your disposal a Frenchman who will welcome you to Minsk for romantic encounters. It is a real exclusivity in the field.

She reassures you that there will be someone by your side who not only knows the terrain and the subject well, but who will also be available as needed.

  • Top 7 : Dating agency

It is a serious dating site that allows you to build a lasting relationship that can lead to marriage with Russian and Ukrainian women. is a dating site for Russian and Ukrainian women created in 1998. It provides you with real profiles verified single Russian and Ukrainian women, sincere and with real moral and family values.

They do not impose registration fees or monthly payments.

  • Top 8 : The marriage agency

This is a site for men from France looking for a Russian wife or a pretty Ukrainian girl. The site offers men the tools they need to connect with single Russian and Ukrainian women who are ready to get married with a partner from a foreign country.

  • Top 9 : The marriage agency

With its head office domiciled in France, it is managed by a Franco-Russian couple. The site is made up of profiles of Russian women and French men looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. Partner-services offers the possibility of sending a free message as a test for the most skeptical. The profiles are authentic. Most of the Russian women on their site speak French. Which is a real marketing asset in this field of activity.

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