Top 9 lover quotes to flirt with a woman

You are a homme ? And you wish hit on; trying to seduce a femme ? Whether in life or online? And you wonder what a pick up quote or phrase you can use, in order to fly? But also to be funny and make your target laugh? In short, here are my 9 love quotess in order to flirt with a woman.

Top 9 lover quotes to flirt with a woman

My ranking of best lovers quotes in order to hit on; trying to seduce a woman (online or in life!)

  1. “To be loved is nothing, it is to be preferred that I desire. »

The point is to show the woman that you want to be exclusive to her. You plan to become her prince charming, her ray of sunshine, her better half, her raison d’être. The man clearly expresses his desire to become more than just a friend and thus wants to avoid any confusion about his feelings. This way, the woman will know what to expect and act accordingly. Either she is indifferent, because she does not want to go any further, or she is more attentive in order to speed things up.

  1. “Uncertainty is the very essence of the love affair. »

You show the woman that you are willing to try the adventure with her at all costs. This kind of quote is suitable when the woman is a little more reserved and distant. She does not want to openly show her interest in the man in order to know how far he is ready to go. You show him that you understand his intention and you are ready to play the game.

  1. “Too pretty not to please my senses, you are too attractive not to interest my heart. »

Some women like men who play with words and know how to beat around the bush. They find it exciting. Note that the best technique to seduce a woman is not to say openly that she is pretty or attractive. This kind of approach is too banal. We’re going to have to be smarter and classier. The goal is to impress her and show that you are distinguished and uncommon.

  1. “Love is a game that two players can play and win at the same time. »

This is to show that you have experience in seduction. Women love this kind of man. By pronouncing these words, you make him understand that love has no secrets for you and that you know how to go about it. You make her understand that you have no intention of falling on her feet or imploring her love. You are ready for the challenge of winning her heart.

  1. “He does not go far, he who knows in advance where he is going. »

With women, there is no logic or theory that holds. Wanting to calculate everything, we risk getting lost or even losing everything. Indeed, women are too unpredictable that the best way to succeed with them is to surprise them. When you seduce a woman, you don’t have to be available all the time. Play with her feelings and you will be irresistible.

  1. “You have always been in my heart, but I wish you were in my arms. »

To conquer a woman, it is not enough to love her. She likes to feel wanted. But neither should things be rushed to the point of jeopardizing everything. To make sure she wants to take another step in the relationship, play with words. That kind of quote would make his mouth water. You simply show her that you want to go further with her.

  1. “Desire is expressed by the caress as thought by language. »

Caressing a woman when you are still in the flirting stage is rather risky. However, it all depends on the intensity of the feelings and the attraction of one towards the other. It’s up to you to recognize them. Some women expect you to take charge. You have to know how to spot the signs. Accompany your caress with her few words to show how much you want her. Things could go even faster.

  1. “I would much rather be unhappy loving you than never having seen you. »

The goal is simply to show that you are ready to move earth and sky to have him in your arms. It is also a way for the girl to know your intention towards her. This kind of situation will allow your relationship to take a new, more important step.

  1. “A legal kiss is never worth a stolen kiss. »

It’s about justifying a kiss you gave her without her seeing anything coming. Women appreciate men who know how to surprise them. It’s also a way to show him that you fully own your feelings for him. Clearly, the gesture poses a risk if the woman is not yet willing to go too fast or is hesitant about her feelings.

Afterwards, you have to respect the woman, and do nothing with her informed consent.

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