Top 9 most common sexual fetishism in France

Are you male or female? fetishist ? Or simply intrigued by its definition and its practices in France ? Are you wondering on which dating site to meet them? Can’t feel accepted by your bizarre sexual practices? here is a tour de France fetish practices, with a classification of the most common practices, which may even surprise you.

Ma fetishism definitionand its art of living for its aficionados:

Sexual fetishism, what is it? My definition

First of all, how do you define the definition of the word « fetishism »? Down to earth, sexual fetishism is simply a form of sexual arousal which is caused by contact, whether visual or physical, with a specific object or part of the body. Like for example breasts and buttocks whose fetishes are the most common. Thus, fetishism including partialism, that is to say the preference of one part of the body to another, and like the parts of the body, there are several, so fetishism also exists in several types. The types according to the parts of the body or the objects concerned. Some types of fetishism are hyper rares, even non-existent in certain regions of the globe. Similarly some are common to almost everyone, and are therefore localized in all parts of the world. As seen above, there are several types of fetishism. Depending in particular on the different body parts and certain objects. However, attention will be drawn to the most frequent types (whether bizarre or not), in France.

List of fetishistic practices in France

The list of fetish practices the most widespread in France

  • foot fetishism

Also known as « podophilia » (no relation to pedophilia) is the sexual interest in feet (very often those of women). Foot fetishism therefore provokes sexual arousal in the individual, unlike other parts of the body. Forms of arousal include, kissing, licking, tickling, sniffing and maybe something else.

  • latex fetishism

It’s the fetishism associated with skin-tight latex clothing. Latex clothes that mold all the curves of the female body, well, it’s a fairly popular and fairly common fetish. Tight clothes leave no one indifferent. Nothing very strange then if the sight of curves in a woman awakens desires. The only factor here is the view.

  • Voyeurism

The favorite of voyeurs is to see others naked and have sex. It kinda rhymes with porn addicts. It’s quite popular because it’s common to almost everyone. Not common in the sense that everyone does it, but in the sense that the sight of such and such a sexual scene causes arousal.

  • Body piercing fetishism

Who knew piercings were a fetish?! It is however the case. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the face, on the tongue, in the navel, or downright on the private parts. Many enjoy licking and kissing piercings, and still others enjoy the feel of metal piercing the body. Everyone has their own thing, they say.

  • breast fetishism

The fetishism of this part of the body is not surprising indeed. It is an organ that naturally causes arousal in men, nothing new. Whether it’s the touch, or the sight.

  • Butt fetishism

In the same way as the breasts previously seen, the excitement caused by the buttocks is just as natural as that caused by the breasts. It doesn’t matter if it’s sight or touch. And unlike the breasts, the buttocks are much closer to the very intimate part of the woman.

  • hair fetishism

Many people have a particular preference for a type of hair, blond, black or red or artificial shades. Other men, on the other hand, like when their partner has long hair and is caught in a ponytail. It is so because often it is much easier to pull during a doggy style for example.

  • armpit fetish

It is a rather bizarre form of fetishism indeed. Also called axilism, it is the sexual practice of masturbating through the armpits of your partner or stimulating the armpits by rubbing (not tickling). The armpits (the skin) being the sensitive point in some people, they take pleasure in it and the report leads to an orgasm in some cases. A man, for example, can masturbate against the armpit of his or her partner. In some people, the armpits are an area that is particularly sensitive to arousal. This justifies these practices.

  • The fetish of underwear

Underwear fetishism is the erotic attraction felt at the touch, sight or even the evocation of underwear. Being especially noticed in men, the objects linked to this type of fetishism are female underwear. Very often, it is already worn underwear that is used as a means of arousal. Beyond underwear, used tampons and pads come into play. Quite weird! He can even masturbate while rubbing himself with them. It can also be equated with a need to share someone else’s intimacy and enjoy what should normally remain hidden.

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