Top 9 sex game ideas (to do as a couple)

List of ideas for erotic games (to do as a couple)

Here are the best proposals for sexual games to do as a coupleto spice up your relationship:

  • Idea 1: The fantasy box (everyone’s sexual ideas)

The principle here is to play the game, while hoping that it is one of our fantasies which is drawn at last that it is carried out by the other partner.

You write your main fantasies on scraps of paper. Your partner does the same. Then you put all your papers in a jar to mix everything well.

Then, each in turn chooses a papier and discover the fantasy written inside.

Do we do it or not? The important thing here, is to talk about his fantasies with each other in an effort to establish a fulfilling sex life.

  • Idea 2: Play a cinematic role

Embrace the role of a hot policewoman, a naughty nurse, an erotically horny schoolteacher and play a role of seduction which will make him tremble with desire and envy.

Opt for a sexy outfit whatever role you choose to play. He can play the role of a patient, a prisoner or a student who allows himself to be seduced.

The objective is to seduce each other and to bring closer physically while keeping logic in the role you have chosen to play.

  • Idea 3: Playing with the dice of sexuality

Get dice with sexual positions on each side.

If the illustrated positions on the faces of the dice does not suit you, you can draw your own and then stick them on the dice, to personalize the sexual game a little more.

Everyone rolls the dice in turn. and performs the action shown on the side that appears on the top side of the die.

  • Idea 4: The sex timer

Give a maximum of pleasure to his partner and manage to do it enjoy for a well-determined period of time is the rule of the game.

It is strictly forbidden to enter it during the game. You must use the foreplay to raise the pressure, the sexual desire in her until the total explosion.

The unrestrained use of caresses all over the woman’s body is highly recommended.

You will discover other ways to make your girlfriend happy which were still unknown to you until now.

  • Idea 5: Make love to him blindfolded

Use a scarf or mask to blindfold him.

This sex game requires your partner to have a low self-confidence for you let your body be manipulated all the time that your sexual relationship will last without her having any control over what is happening.

You will blindfold her from the living room. The excitement will be at its optimum level and it will beg to continue.

You can switch roles and ask him to do the same to you

  • Idea 6: Play pink phone during the day.

Surprise your partner with a call in which you will ask him erotic questions, sensual and a little daring.

promise him a naughty party reward if he answered the question correctly.

On the other hand, if he is wrong in his answer, it is he who will grant you a sexual privilege. You will feel the sexual pressure rising through the phone for sure.

  • Idea 7: Play with aphrodisiac foods

Blindfold your man and have him taste successively foods with different flavors.

Alternate from sweet to salty, then go from spicy to sour while asking him each time guess what food it is.

Mix the flavors together, favor aphrodisiac foods (which boost the libido).

  • Idea 8: Practice the cat toilet

Right after his shower, jump on your man and lick him slowly and sensually all over his body from head to toe until the last drop of water has dried on his body.

It’s a very sensual game that solidifies the complicity between partners. Then switch roles and it’s in turn to give you the cat toilet.

It is important before doing so to ensure cleanliness of the body of the other partner.

  • Idea 9: Paint your body before having sex

Use multicolored paint (suitable) to paint your body in turn. Make sure you are both naked on a suitable surface like used sheets.

The excitement will increase as the brush will wander on your body to such an extent that the painting session risks turning into a game of colorful somersaults.

Other sex game ideas: give you gages to your partner, eat food on top of each other, undress each other with your mouth, make love blindfolded, to attach your partner etc.. you can propose others in the comments.

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