Top 9 « sex life coaches » on social media

Top 9 « sex life coaches » on social media

If you are looking an expert coach, who masters his subjects, and also a little funny, here is my ranking of the best coaches sex life on social networks:

  • My favorite No. 1: Jean-Marie Corda

Before embarking on this classification of influencers and sex coach on social networks, I will start by introducing you to my favorite: Jean-Marie Corda. Former porn actor, he managed to develop a communitythanks to his well-defined opinions, his vision of the male-female relationship, and his advice toporn actors. He also shoots many educational videos (some of which are paid for) in order to transmit his porn actor techniques to as many people as possible.

Note that he now lives in Russiafrom where he shoots his daily videos and live.

  • N°2 : Alexandre Cormont

Site internet :

It offers to support women and men in their “love well-being”, in aspects of sentimental life such as self-confidence, romantic reconquest, seduction or life as a couple. Alexandre Cormont, a love relationship professional, has developed love coaching methods with a more philosophical concept close to the personal development only miracle techniques or methods.

Its vision is to highlight the everyone’s problems, their needs in order to find appropriate solutions in order to consolidate all the chances of sentimental success.

  • No. 3: Celine Tran

Site internet :

Coach in well-being and sexuality, Director of the « Porn’Pop » collection, Author of « Do not say that you like it », she offers services of an erotic or sexual nature in support advice.

She is competent and certified and applies serious and effective techniques while interacting with you. Because according to her, the answer to your problem is in you. She has skills in managing problems such as: difficulties in managing her libido, fears, addictions, etc.

  • N°4 : Maeva Poornima

Site internet : www.

It is an offer, a concept, a unique, original and spiritual approach to sex and love education, mixing the knowledge of humanistic sexology and couples therapy with ancestral teachings and secrets in matters of sexual fulfilment.

The Maeva Poornima offer is based on everything that allows you to be fulfilled on the affective, affective and sexual side. It takes into consideration all the spiritual, emotional, sexual, relational aspects, etc.

  • N°5 : Esther Keller

Site internet :

She founded and launched into entrepreneurship in the early 90s in the luxury and perfumery sector. It was in the 2000s that she chose to embark on the field of relationship counseling. Thanks to her talent and experience, she will see her articles published in Swiss and Monegasque magazines.

In view of the rich and numerous exchanges with many readers, and in order to meet their expectations in the sentimental field, in 2009 she created the dating agency Esther Keller. Its vision is as follows: to enable a privileged clientele to flourish on a sentimental and affective level.

Note that Esther Keller does not make videos, and only puts his advice in writing on his blog.

  • N°6 : Alexandra De Roulhac

Site internet :

She has been a life coach specializing in happiness for over 10 years and her best friend is called Baloo. She has travel for several years in search of meaning and immersed herself in several cultures. After experiencing her first family breakup at the age of 14 with the separation of her two parents, she began very early to seek the meaning of her existence.

This is the reason why from the age of 21, she went into exile in India where she lived for a long time completely cut off from the world in a house without electricity or internet connection. This disconnection with the modern world taught him to find the happiness in the modern world.

It is therefore her qualities that motivated her to found her marriage agency to help others face life’s obstacles with a smile and find happiness in all aspects of their lives.

  • N° 7 : Jessica Pirbay

Site internet :

Jessica Pirbay is a coach, sex therapist and sexologist, specializing in self-confidence, sexuality & couple. Passionate about action, she can also be described as futuristic, positive, enthusiastic, visionary, empathetic, gentle, benevolent. The human being is at the center of his activity, consciousness, desires, life.

She also did a tantric coaching training in an institute specializing in sexology and couple in the US. She has accompanied hundreds of women, men and couples in their self-confidence, their sexuality and their romantic relationships, as a sex therapist, sex therapist and sex coach.

  • N°8: darling-coach

Site internet :

Chouchou sexologist coach will allow you to improve your relationship as a couple, more particularly of an intimate nature, by observing you, which prevents lying and allows this coach to be as close as possible to your intimacy and your sexuality. Sexual disorders, decreased libido, anorgasmia or absence of orgasm) for women, ejaculation problem which can be early or late, disorder oferection for men are the main evils that push them to consult a coach.

The coach never shows you how to do it. Sexual coaching joins a therapy, of about ten sessions. Everything happens during a consultation by phone or in office. After an initial session of introspection of the problem, subsequent consultations are task prescriptions. In other words, various exercises, tools characteristic of the problem.

  • N°9 : Elise Decaillon

Site internet :

Clinical sexologist in Paris. I accompany you to live your sexuality to the full, State-certified Specialized Educator, Coaching certification at MHD French Coaching School, Training in sexology at the School of Psycho-Sexology.

For more than 10 years, she has accompanied many people, especially couples, towards their development and their life balance. It helps people who experience difficulties, blockages, problems such as: erectile dysfunction, uncontrolled ejaculation, vaginismus, decreased desire…but also people who suffer from an unstable relationship, lack of communication in the couple, breakup…

  • N°10 : Alexander Nicholls

Site internet :

Sex therapist sexologist (couple and sexuality) clinician and coach. He specializes in helping relationships. It offers individual consultations in sex therapy, coaching, as well as couple consultations (therapy and sex therapy). His approach takes into account the personality of each person.

He has been practicing in a private clinic for over 10 years now. Passionate about human relations and human development, he offers you quality support, adapted to your personal, relational and couple needs.

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