Top 9 sexual practices to play sports and lose weight

chamber sports, does that speak to you? Sex can actually turn out to be sporty, and practicing it in this way has indeed an advantage that we do not always suspect… Although some people talk about sexual positions and practices to play sports and lose weight, it would be more accurate to talk about sexual positions that require a certain technique and fitness. Of course, you will be able to develop skills eventually, and of course, you can count on a good part of the leg in the air to burn calories.

But we must not forget that for a man, the primary interest in practicing such sexual positions is above all to make the pleasure and delay ejaculation. Indeed, the more you divert your attention by making a physical effort, the longer you will last! So here is a little top 9 sexual positions and practices to play sports, lose weight and prolong the pleasure.

1- Standing penetration

According to scientists, standing sex is the best way to lose weight and can burn up to 600 calories. There are several standing positions, such as the suspended union during which the man raises the woman to his height, face to face. The woman’s arms around her neck and the legs around the buttocks. Its variant is performed against a wall which allows a little more stability. We can also provide foresight by giving the woman the possibility of leaning on one foot, or sitting down on any piece of furniture.

2- The merry piston

This position is ideal for a woman who wants to make a physical effort. Indeed, the lying position allows the woman to lose up to 400 calories. The man is lying on his back with his legs together. The woman sits on the man and clings to her lover’s shoulders so as not to fall back. She is resting on her feet, squatting. Subsequently, the woman performs a movement from bottom to top using the legs. During this time, the man could hold her by the ankles or the hip. In this position, it is Mrs who makes the physical effort and who “uses” Mr: in little movement, Mrs is likely to tire so be sure to change quickly. However, it remains a good alternative for those who want to build muscle while making love.

3- The position of Andromaque

Another position where it is the woman who provides physical effort: this position allows you to lose up to 300 calories with regular practice. The woman straddles the man, and leans on his knees. By keeping the bust straight, it is she who takes control of the back and forth movements, and therefore she who provides the most effort. The more she leans forward, the more she will allow the man to help her by giving him thrusts as well. In such a position, with so many variables to intensify the physical effort or, on the contrary, slow it down, the woman is able to lead her man to orgasm.

4 – The lotus position

In the lotus position, the man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on top of him, her legs behind his back and her arms around his neck. Thereafter, the woman swings with the hips with a movement from front to back and so on. This position is very popular with women because it facilitates the stimulation of the G-spot by the penis. But she demands in return that Madame contracts her abs well to facilitate the work!

5 – The position of the missionary

The great classic that makes Monsieur sweat: this is an effective sexual position for losing weight quickly. Some studies have shown that it is possible to lose up to 200 calories in just 10 minutes. This time, it’s the man who is on top of his partner and who relies on her arms and legs. Despite the simplicity of this position, it provides enough pleasure for both men and women and it requires a major sheathing and endurance effort.

6 – La masturbation

You don’t necessarily need a partner to lose weight. Through masturbation you can lose up to 150 calories. Just apply well. In order to increase the excitement as much as possible and have a satisfactory result, you can put on an erotic or pornographic film. Take your time, because it’s not just about shedding a few pounds, it’s also about having fun. To obtain a result in a short time, it would be necessary to indulge in masturbation sessions up to 3 times a day… But beware of addiction!!!

7- Blowjob

You won’t believe it, but oral sex can help you lose up to 100 calories. Without necessarily making intense movements, we can have an acceptable result. First of all, it is necessary to understand that at the time of orgasm, the heart rate increases to the maximum. So, as soon as you reach orgasm, regardless of the technique used, be sure to lose at least a few calories. But the one who provides fellatio also benefits from incredible advantages: indeed, the sperm would contain alkaline which is the fat burner par excellence associated with the other elements of the sperm. Not to mention the fact that a good blowjob also requires using your entire body and therefore uses many muscles… Even more so if it is done as part of a 69, for example!

8 – The preliminaries

It can’t be said enough, but foreplay is very important before sex. Not only do they allow both partners to warm up well, but they also allow you to lose weight. This is called combining business with pleasure. Did you know that during the preliminary phase, you can lose 90 calories? However, it is not a small caress of a few minutes. It should take at least 20 minutes for a better result….

9 -Le strip-tease

The strip is part of the preliminary, because it allows you to warm up your partner before getting down to business. This will significantly improve the quality of penetration thereafter. For women, this practice promotes weight loss and helps shape the silhouette, because it is above all a rhythmic dance. You can lose at least 60 calories, but you can lose more with more effort and resistance. If you can hold it for 30 minutes or more, the result will be more than satisfactory. Stripping is a real sport!

You know everything about sexual positions and practices to play sports and lose weight: you are now ready for a good sports session! With which sports sexual practice will you start?

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