Top 9 signs that betray a woman faking in bed

Top 9 clues that betray that your femme fake in bed

If you suspect your wife not to take pleasure, here are the main clues that indicate that your wife is probably simulating enjoyment:

  • #1: She makes more noise than usual

If your women do really too much noise and above all, these are different from her usual, it is probably that she is in acting.

She’s probably looking to excite you or please you, but her cries of pleasure don’t come from the vaginal or anal pleasure she is receiving.

In short, your wife is in the process of simulate.

  • No. 2: No change of moods after love

Your wife must necessarily feel in a good mood with a more tempered temper during the moments following an orgasm.

Make love and experience a orgasm have like benefit of improving our moods.

This is due to the secretion of the happiness hormone « theendomorphine » which is secreted a lot during sexual intercourse and even more so during the orgasm phase.

  • N°3: Mastering your movements

It is known to all, the ardor of man in a sexual relationship must always be slowed down and regulated by the woman. It’s up to her to feel you’ve passed a a bit rough pace or if the cadence is rather normal.

She will let you know by her gesture throughout sex. On the other hand, if from the beginning of your antics until the end you did not experience any restriction of movement coming from the woman, it is very likely that she is faking.

  • 4: Do not ask her how she feels during the act

If you exercise a constant verbal pressure, asking her if she is cumming, she risk of faking. Are you the kind of man who during the whole sexual encounter, ask the woman if she has reached orgasm?

If you constantly ask her if she likes or appreciates, you risk pushing her to say yes and to adopt an attitude and gestures that would lead to believe that it is true. However, she would have just gave in to all that verbal pressure to avoid getting upset if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

  • No. 5: No change in his gaze

You do not must not take your eyes off madam throughout the part of somersaults.

This will make it easier for you to know if she is reaching orgasm. His gaze will probably be affected with sexual and erotic stimuli. The result of this experience should result in total silence and the expression of a lack of reference just after the orgasm phase.

If a woman stays with a lucid gaze throughout the intercourse part, there is no doubt. She simulates.

  • No. 6: No logic between your actions and his reactions

If there’s no logic between his cries his screams and the manifestation of his emotions and your actions. She screams, writhes, gesticulates…and yet you are only at the beginning of the foreplay.

How weird!! be your wife is extremely sensitive either it’s a real actress (not so strong after all).

  • No. 7: No increase in vaginal contractions during orgasm

A drop vaginal lubrication during the orgasm phase is very often noticed in the woman.

Your wife or girlfriend cannot claim to have had an orgasm if during the whole sexual act you did not feel contractions of son vagina increasingly strong resulting in a decrease in vaginal lubrication relative to the time of penetration.

  • No. 8: No acceleration of heart rate

Yes the heartbeat of your partner does not get excited during orgasm, it is very likely that she is faking it. It is logical that because of theexcitation, the woman’s heart beats faster. This phenomenon should be even more intense while the woman reaches the climax of the sensation of pleasure that is orgasm.

If you don’t notice any changes at the level of his heartbeat from penetration to reaching orgasm, chances are you have done yourself berner.

  • N°9: She makes love to be forgiven

She made a big mistake an almost unforgivable fault that calls into question his feelings towards you (see his ex, forget your birthday…), she is devoured by a feeling of guilt…but strangely, she is more cuddly and sexually, more attractive than before.

You can be sure that she will spend the whole evening simulate in the only hope of being forgiven.. and to make you happy.

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