Treat your erection problems via 6 video tutorials

How to cure erection problems, via 6 video tutorials?

If you have problems getting a « hard and long hard-on », here are 6 videos to treat your erection problems:

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  1. Video 1: How to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence can be either psychosomatic nature or medical.

When the problem is not treated quickly, it risks having a huge impact on self-esteem. In some cases, it can even escalate into depression or severe anxiety. It is obvious that the treatment requires the intervention of a health professional. However, the choice will depend particularly on the nature of the disorder. If the affected person has diabetes or heart disease, it is best to consult a urologist.

On the other hand, if the impotence results from a depression or a chronic stressit is best to immediately contact a psychologist.

In the majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is psychosomatic in nature. It will be necessary to adopt certain changes in daily life in order to facilitate the treatment. A behavioral therapy is recommended in this type of situation.

Indeed, the person is overwhelmed by his emotion. For various reasons, he cannot manage to live in a serene and relaxed way. You have to get rid of stress and anxieties which prevent him from having a normal erection.

  1. Video 2: Definitely treat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction leads to frustration for the affected person. If the problem is not treated quickly, we risk closing ourselves in on ourselves to the point of falling into depression and stress. Let’s not forget that erectile dysfunction is not a fatality, but can be perfectly cared for. In many cases, it only lasts a few days or weeks. Thus, it is not essential to consult a doctor.

On the other hand, when the problem becomes permanent and persists for several months, it is recommended to contact a professional such as a urologist or a psychologist.

Apart from psychological problems, bad eating habits also have a significant impact on erection. Above all, processed products such as pre-cooked meals or refined oils must be banned. Note that these products contain chemical components causing a significant hormonal imbalance.

In addition, it is advisable to monitor your weight. Indeed, when the blood vessels are clogged with fat, the blood does not circulate properly in the penis. Which explains the erection problem. Finally, if you want to have a very hard and lasting erection, multiply your sex.

The aim is to promote the secretion of testosterone which plays a very important role in erection.

  1. Video 3: What solutions for erectile dysfunction?

By Pr. Giuliano, Urologist at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital (Paris)

You have to know how to differentiate an erectile disorder from a temporary breakdown. For the second case, it is not necessary to consult a doctor, since the problem is not permanent. It can come for example from stress at work or a spat with his partner.

On the contrary, when l’impotence persists for more than 3 months, it is recommended to take steps to avoid suffering from it. Let’s not forget that this kind of problem can seriously affect the life of the couple.

To deal with the problem of erection, there are very effective drugs. Examples include viagra, cialis or levitra. They are usually taken 2 hours before sex.

It should be understood, however, that such medications do not cause erection, but make it easier. In addition, the effect will not necessarily be observed after the first use.

You have to use it at least 4 times to judge its effectiveness.

  1. Video 4: Vitaros, a new erection treatment?

Par Sylvain Mimoun, Gynecologist and Sexologist.

Vitaros is a crème which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Contrary to the other remedies that we have known so far, the delay of action of Vitaros is very fast. It varies between 5 to 30 minutes while with viagra, it will take at least an hour. Vitaros highly appreciated for its ease of use.

It is applied to the glans, at the entrance to the urethra. Then, the substance penetrates all along the penis. Just add a light massage so that it is distributed in the penis. This is a better alternative for those who don’t want to take capsules or inject.

clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of this new drug.

  1. Video 5: Treatment of erectile dysfunction

By Professor Haab, Urologist – Turin Clinic, Paris

Impotence or insufficiency of erection in men can be treated without problem.

You can take medications or make a behavior therapy, or even surgery when the problem is more complex (of a technical nature). It should be understood that the erection is obtained thanks to the contribution of three elements namely the cavernous body of the penis, the arteries as well as the nerves.

A single failure of one of these elements can cause erectile dysfunction. Arterial defect is very common in patients with erectile dysfunction. In fact, we often see excess cholesterol which will prevent the normal circulation of blood in the penis.

Thus, the cavernous body which is the main responsible for the erection is not sufficiently irrigated. To treat dysfunction, you can contact a sexologist to better understand the origin of the problem. But it is also possible to take medications in order to improve blood flow in the cavernous body.

In the event that the problem comes from the cavernous body itself, it is necessary to make a intervention chirurgicale.

  1. Video 6: Erectile dysfunction, a reversible problem

Men affected by this problem are not able to achieve normal sexual relations with their partners.

Either they cannot get an erection or there is a sudden loss of erection during intercourse. This causes frustration within the couple. Initially, it is recommended to follow therapies with a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

couples therapy could also be considered in order to help everyone accept the problem and find solutions together. Indeed, in most cases, the disorder is of psychological origin.

Treatment can be done with drugs such as viagra or cialis, dhave the role is to increase blood flow to the penis. Mechanical devices like penis pumps are also very effective. Surgery will be performed only when all the planned solutions have not brought any effective results.

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