[Tutoriel] Have Meetic at 4.99€ /month (& without commitment)

You are looking for a promotion, a discount code, or even a private sell, so that you can subscribe to Meetic the cheapest possible? We have studied the issue, and have found a solution so that you only have to pay 4.99€, i.e. 50% discount on your subscription.

Read this tutorial carefully, because there will be 3 steps to follow.

[Tutoriel] How to get Meetic at 4.99€ / month (-50% & without commitment)

Here are the different steps to follow, in order to be able to benefit from Meetic at 4.99€/month.

First of all, take the Normal rate to subscribe to Meetic. You can see that the price normally the cheapest is 9.99€ and with a 6 month commitment Hors, we found a trick to do it decrease by 50%. Note that there has been no free admission for women for a few years now, both men and women must now pay on Meetic.

Action plan to benefit from the discount on Meetic

here is the plan d’action which you must follow carefully, in order to benefit from the reduction on the price of thesubscription monthly:

  • 1st step : Join Meetic for free.
  • Uuse the link ici.
    • Follow him normal registration process.
    • Once registered, you can start filling out your profile, find a nickname, prepare your catchphrases, put your photos. In short, make an attractive profile.
    • Put on a good e-mail address valid during registration, as this is mandatory to benefit from the reduction.
  • 2nd step: Once registered, monitor that you receive well emails from Meetic, following the creation of your account
  • 3rd stage : 48 hours after creating your account, you should receive a follow-up email from Meetic
    • The email will offer you a “new” package at €4.99 per month.
    • The big plus is that you are not committed, and you can stop your subscription at any time.

Here, do not hesitate to share your opinion on this promotion Meetic in the comments below, and above all, let us know if it went well also worked for you.

Questions and Answers

What is the price of a Meetic subscription?

The subscriptions start at €9.99 per month, compared to a 6-month subscription. There are Unlimited Zen subscriptions, at €19.99, which offer more than featuresand which give access to features advancements.

Does Meetic offer private sales?

No, the subscription price is stable Through time. There are no private sales that are organized, knowing that the price historical subscriptions was €29.99 per month.

Does the subscription allow you to use Meetic from your mobile?

Yes, one subscription Meetic allows you to use your account from your mobile phone, but also from your computer. The account is linked between the two supports. Besides, the pricing is the same.

Is the Meetic subscription free for women?

No, and since 2019, Meetic charges the same amount to men and women, and there is no longer any free dating site. This is also a good thing for gender equality.

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