Ukrainian woman: the 6 specialized dating sites

Ukrainian woman: the 6 specialized dating sites

Today we are going to focus particularly on the ukrainian women who are both beautiful, intelligent and faithful. So, how to meet from the France for a serious relationship leading to marriage? We will try to give you tips practices to manage to dig up a pretty Ukrainian.

Dating sites to meet a Ukrainian woman

But there are agencies that specialize in matchmaking with Ukrainian girls, these agencies make it easy for you and do the hard work. We have in particular:

1. (most women registered)

2. (N°2 on the market)

This agency offers you an incredible experience, because since 2017, it has been organizing international meeting evenings in Kharkiv. You will only have to consider a ticket to kyiv or Kharkiv. This agency will provide your transfer service from the airport to the hotel or apartment. During the evening you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the most beautiful Ukrainian women thanks to the organized activities and also enjoy aperitifs and drinks.


With this site, you benefit from the support of a network of dating professionals who will help you attract Ukrainian women according to your personality. The agency offers two different organizational communication strategies. The first is to categorize advertisements on their main website, so you can choose the profile you are interested in before considering further actions.

After creating a profile, you can connect with selected and discussed Ukrainian French women via messages. If the device is powered on, you may consider arranging a meeting under the direction and assistance of the staff on site.

Finally, you can subscribe to one of these formulas, allowing you to meet women directly in Ukraine as you wish. Neat and efficient travel services will help you win love.


Located at 55 Avenue De Melgueil, 34280 La Grande-Motte, France. This marriage agency has thousands of profiles of real Ukrainian women who are beautiful and looking for a husband abroad. She also offers an exclusive and proven service to find ideal partners and like-minded people.

Registration is free and without obligation and when your registration is validated, you have access to the private pages of members.


The CQMI dating agency is an agency having under its supervision several Ukrainian women. And this agency stands out for the security and confidentiality of its members, it makes it a point of honor to only accept men and women looking for serious work leading to marriage.

You can have, thanks to this agency, to have access to international profiles that is to say to meet members of Eastern Europe and thus have more contacts of single women. The agency also gives you the opportunity to be followed in your dating process and access to tools (coaching and Assistant).


This agency also has its particularity. She has a track record of thousands of satisfied newlyweds since 1995, enough to delight many who are looking for marriage. This agency has the highest foreign female to male ratios in the industry.

What are the criteria concerning the man that Ukrainian women are looking for?

Ukrainian women are very strong on family values. In general, it is very important for a Ukrainian woman that the family she will create with her lover and foreign husband is solid. Either must be teamwork, where each member of the team takes 100% of the responsibility. The Ukrainian woman asks for respect from her future life partner beforehand, because she believes that many men strangers take it like a fantasy or a desire to be fulfilled. And what is also confusing is the fact that many give no respect to Slavic women under the pretext that they are destitute and are looking for a lifeline that would come from a foreign husband. Which is completely wrong since they are 90% educated and independent.

The man must be basically responsible and participate in the activities of family life.

The Ukrainian woman loves non violent men. In Ukraine, many women are victims of physical or psychological violence from their husbands and this on a constant basis. So it’s so more than normal thatshe seeks the best and not the worst. They also emphasize the non-consumption of illicit substances, because she considers that a real man must be athletic and prioritize the maintenance of his health and that of his partner. They still tolerate the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes, but not excessively.

They are not a fan of arrogant men, they prefer confident modesty to confident modesty, it’s overall more attractive.

How to get in touch with Ukrainian women?

Nowadays everything has become one little easier thanks to the magic of the internet. Unless you have the time and money to go find yourself a beautiful Ukrainian girl in Ukraine, you will need to know how to get in touch with her.

There are many dating website on the internet to make serious, erotic or even friendly encounters. In these sites, you can find all kinds of women from different origins and it will be very complicated for you to sort out to have a beautiful Ukrainian.

How are Ukrainian women?

Ukrainian women are known to be beautiful, feminine and loving. They are also known to be strong and independent. Many Ukrainian women have successful careers and are highly educated.

How can I meet Ukrainian women?

There are many ways to meet Ukrainian women. You can meet them through friends, on online dating sites or at events and clubs for Ukrainians.

What if I don’t speak Ukrainian?

Do not worry ! Many Ukrainians also speak Russian and English, so you can always communicate with them. You can also learn some basic Ukrainian phrases before you meet them to make things easier.

What should I expect when dating Ukrainian women?

When you date Ukrainian women, you can expect them to be very feminine and affectionate. They will also be very interested in your culture and way of life. It is important to be patient and understanding with Ukrainian women, as they may take a while to open up to you, especially after events in their country.

What are the tips for dating Ukrainian women?

Here are some tips for dating Ukrainian women:

– Be patient and understanding
– Be respectful of their culture and traditions
– Don’t be afraid to show your affection
– Take it easy at first and let the relationship grow over time

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