What confidence should be given to meetings carried out on the Internet?

Confidence in meetings made via the Internet

The French are increasingly adopting dating sites, but there are still mixed opinions regarding the safety of online dating. According to a 2011 study, more than 50% did not consider online dating to be a dangerous activity, while 43% thought online dating was risky.

Inaccuracies in profile information

The first risk of concern is the fact that the profiles do not contain exact information, and that the information is distorted, and especially the falsified photos. There is also a fear of coming across fake profiles, in particular of people based abroad, who are ready to spend time to obtain the trust of their interlocutor, and who in the end will ask for money or try to rip off their interlocutor, once an intimate relationship has been established.

Fake members & bots on dating sites

In addition, we meet more and more false members registered on dating sites, bots, which aim to advertise. That is, they serve as bait, and you contact you to promote a paid service. It will then be necessary to denounce the account, and ensure that it is deleted by the moderators. In the case of free sites, sometimes there are no moderators at all, in this case, good luck getting rid of them… blocking them remains the only option, but other users may be annoyed by the after.

Lies about real marital status

A US study found that nine out of ten participants had lied about at least one attribute of their profile, and although the lies were often light: for example, weight was the most lied about, and age was the least lied about. . Many lies are also present on the subject of marital status. Indeed, people who are married or in a relationship pretend to be single, which can lead to disappointing relationships for one of the two parties.

Fake profile photos are legion

In addition, you should know that profile photos are not fully representative of the reality of your interlocutor. It’s natural to want to look your best, and the photos uploaded have been selected from hundreds of photos. It is also possible that the photos are not dated, and were taken a few years beforehand, so many people have a bad experience during the physical meeting, with an interlocutor who does not look at all like the photographs initially uploaded.

Medical situations to be confirmed via an HIV test

Finally, to avoid lying about the medical situation of love suitors, dating sites specializing in people with STDs and HIV have been created. They make it possible to meet knowingly, without causing any risk of contamination. Anyway, the rules of common sense remain in place, and it is recommended to ask your partner to do a blood test, before any unprotected sexual intercourse.

We advise you to see our ranking of the most serious sites in terms of dating, and thus, you can avoid a certain number of pitfalls listed in this article.


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