What is the vision of our neighbors on licentiousness?

What is the vision of our neighbors on licentiousness?

Swinging, threesomes and other mixtures represent the main sexual habit forms who come to break the codes of our time, but who remain exceptions on our continent, most Europeans still have a very standardized way of seeing things sexual practices that they base on the notion of exclusivity within the couple.

However, research proves that the part of the population passing the barriers of the traditional framework of the couple and semancipation from these codes is rather increasing. They most often seek to break a routine, for example by adding sexual partners even if this can be a danger for the couple. Most often they are only a sexual game just like the BDSM or the use of sex toys and create a more diverse, pleasurable and fulfilling life in bed.

Jamaica as a landmark for libertines

Most big libertine area is Hedonism II which bears its name well, it is located in Jamaica and the cost of the trip is more expensive than a stay in Cap d’Agde… This is the price to pay for this frame amazing and these beautiful beaches

It consists of a complex or during the many evenings that take place you can enjoy a frequisition of foreigners very importante, of all generations and nationalities.

Californian Hedonism

The most famous destination of swingers is of course Palm Spring where the real Californian dream takes place, if you can afford it! the debauchery does indeed have a cost and clubs are often very selective. Here all ethnic groups are mixed

Japanese love hotels

In Tokyo, it is a tradition, the decorations of the places and the costumes are very important. You can record your parts of leg in the air thanks to a professional camera and you will only have to choose between the room, metro station, hospital, romantic or cemetery and many others!

Libertine cruises in the Caribbean

They usually take place in the Caribbean departing from Tampa, Florida to visit the Cayman Islands and Mexico, then Puerto Rico to Saint-Martin in the Dutch parte with stopovers on islands as little known as Aruba, Curaçao or Saint Kitts and Nevis.

It is also possible to rent bprivate boats for the most intimate evenings like catamarans, where you will be grouped according to your ages and affinities (mixer, swingers, cotacotism…).

Videos on the vision of our neighbors on licentiousness

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