The 9 Types of Men Women Hate

The 9 Types of Men Women Hate

Here are the types of men women hate:

  1. The lack of initiative

Note that women appreciate men who know how to surprise them and make them have a good time. For that, you would have to be dynamic and creative. If you want to impress a girl, you’re going to have to take matters into your own hands. Have confidence in your potential and dare to make decisions. You should never let a girl decide for you, because you will look like a weakling. However, nothing prevents you from asking their opinions from time to time. It is said that women are a man’s best counsel.

  1. Racists who criticize everything

Discrimination will not help you seduce a girl. Often, men think that arrogance and brutality are marks of virility. However, it should be remembered that manhood is something else and has nothing to do with this kind of behavior. If you think you’re impressing a woman with racial and hateful remarks, you’re absolutely wrong. We should be more open-minded, tolerant and have restraint.

  1. The pretentious

Don’t confuse self-confidence with arrogance. A pretentious man uses arrogance to hide his lack of esteem. The problem is that he underestimates others and does not want to question himself. Which further denigrates his image. If you have the same behavior, you have to think about changing, because you won’t have a chance with women. Remember that women appreciate men who know how to show them off and compliment them from time to time.

  1. The lack of masculinity

Virility is a trait highly valued by women. They need a man they can rely on. This kind of man never lets himself be pushed around, but ready to challenge anyone who stands in his way. The lack of virility is perceived as a great weakness in a man. He is unable to defend his idea and runs away whenever danger comes his way. More concretely, this kind of man has no self-confidence and will not be able to satisfy a woman. Moreover, women like alpha males, it is well known.

  1. The too romantic

Being romantic is not a bad thing. However, you have to know how to balance kindness and love. Note that love does not consist in bending to a woman’s wishes or satisfying her slightest desires. It’s more about giving the best of yourself without making a fool of yourself. It should be noted that in the life of a couple, everyone should do their part. If you want to be interesting and impress a girl, sometimes you need to show more personality.

  1. Lazy

The role of the man is to guarantee the security and take care of all the vital needs of the members of his family. Women need a man who has ambition, a goal to achieve and who takes charge of his life. If you want to seduce a woman, you will have to change your attitude: take initiatives, have the makings of a true leader. Note that laziness is above all a question of mentality. It’s up to you to change your destiny.

  1. Jealousy

Jealousy is another form of selfishness. Indeed, it is a behavior strongly despised by women. A little jealousy never hurts because it shows your interest in a girl. However, when it comes close to the extreme, it can cause significant damage. Above all, it would be necessary to give the woman a little space. She should have a little fun, hang out with friends. If you know how to moderate jealousy properly, the woman will be fulfilled and will be esteemed at her fair value.

  1. The one who has nothing to say

Women need an interesting man who has plenty of clever anecdotes or funny stories to tell. If you are the type who stays in front of his small screen cloistered between 4 walls all day long, you will not have an interesting conversation. Women love adventures, they seek new and more exciting adventures, they want to spend unforgettable moments. You will have to change your habit and go out from time to time to be able to impress a girl. Don’t stay locked in your shyness.

  1. The one who is frustrated

If you really want to seduce a beautiful woman, avoid talking about your misfortunes, the pains that made you suffer, your disappointment in love. Surely you wouldn’t want the woman to go out with you out of pity? Instead, highlight your strength, your will to move forward and face all obstacles. You will be better appreciated and appreciated by women. Don’t be the victim, but the one determined to succeed.

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