How to be beautiful? (15 tips)

If you are wondering: “How to be beautiful (or beautiful)? », you should have the answer to your question at the end of this article. Who wouldn’t want to become more beautiful in order to feel more confident and comfortable in any situation? We women are often not very indulgent towards ourselves, and we do not forgive ourselves the faults and the small imperfections, but they can make us unique and original creatures. You will find out how you can become more beautiful in a short time thanks to small gestures of self-care that do not always have to do with a transformation physique.

In short, here 15 tips to look and feel beautiful :

1. Be yourself

You will immediately understand that our tips have very little to do with radical physical transformations but rather with small corrective attitudes and self-care very easy to put into practice which can however bring us a satisfaction immediate. One of the most effective ways to feel beautiful is undoubtedly to be yourself.

2. Identify your strengths and value them

What is your physique, your face and your personality, pay attention to your skills and improve them more than ever. First make a list of the aspects you like about your body and character, then, once you’ve written them down, start to figure out how you can make them more important in your life. everyday life.

3. Find your style

More than looks physique and canonical beauty, what matters to feel beautiful and confident is finding your own style and communicating it with objects, accessories, clothing and anything else you think can help you at theExpress and express yourself.

4. Drink 2 liters of water a day and choose a healthy diet

And now let’s move on to a concrete physical action that can have a significant impact on the beauty of every woman. It’s true: if the attitude, the personality and character are among the most important things to feel beautiful, it must be admitted that some practical gestures of daily well-being do not hurt at all.

5. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night

Remember to make sure your corps rests at least 7 to 8 hours a night. Sleeping is good for your health and also for your beauty! A tired and dull face, the result of weakness and excessive fatigue.

6. Treat your skin with a beauty routine that’s right for you

To see your beautiful face, there is another rule not to be overlooked: take care of your skin and apply a daily beauty routine adapted to you and your skin type. Then identify the characteristics and problems of your skin and choose the most suitable products. The right creams can work wonders on our face, improving it to the maximum.

7. Take off your makeup every night!

Just as important as the previous point: never forget to remove your makeup! Not cleaning your face makeupsmog and other external agents is a bad habit that creates a lot of discomfort for the skin, which is then dull, tired and stressed.

8. Manicured hands and nail polish, whatever you want!

They said that the hand is one of the « first calling cards » we show ourselves to others. Therefore, be sure to ranger in order and to maintain them well. Choose your favorite nail polish and wear it, and be sure to return it in case of problems: nail peeling is indeed one of the most common appearance errors. obvious and the most embarrassing, unless you’re a rock star!

9. Dress in clothes that don’t make you feel uncomfortable

Dress up with clothes that enhance your shapes and make you feel comfortable is a basic rule that we must always apply and in all circumstances. Dressing in a way incompatible with our personality makes us feel insecure and, when we let’s carry, we don’t give the best of ourselves. We have the impression of being disguised.

10. Choose a hairstyle and makeup that flatters your face

And makeup tailor-made for you, which matches your colors and enhances them, and a haircut designed for your face are undoubtedly two excellent gestures to bring out the best in you and highlight your potential.

11. Pick a scent you love and wear it every day

A drop of perfume for complete your outfit is the right finishing touch and makes you more comfortable. Have fun changing or choosing the one that suits you and taking it out every day until it becomes your second skin. But don’t overdo it: a light veil of parfum enough to make you charming and mysterious at the right time. Three words: even more beautiful!

12. Show off your personality with clothes, accessories and makeup

Leave it to your body toExpress through accessories, clothes, makeup and everything that goes with it. Taking care of one’s appearance and dwelling on certain details is a better way to express one’s character and become a nobody full of charm!

13. Pay attention to your attitude and posture

Your approach and your style of movement must be taken seriously. The well-proportioned, arched shoulders and the uncomfortable gait are of course not very attractive, on the contrary, they hide a lot of insecurity! Stay confident with your back straight, shoulders out, and chin parallel to the floor. These are small attitudes that show a state mental more peaceful, open, and positive, and you’ll seem more attractive and confident than you are.

14. Give yourself small gifts from time to time to show you love yourself.

Of course, you won’t get hurt if you indulge yourself once in a while. The advantages of certain rewards, or rather of self-rewards, are endless, and they also start by giving you a smile, relaxing your facial muscles, and making you look more relaxed and calm. You will find that if you do what you love, you will find definitely prettier!

15. Surround yourself with people who respect and appreciate you.

The surrounding environment in which you are located is also important. Choose people who like you and who don’t make you feel uncomfortable. Often, not feeling beautiful is dictated by external attitudes that influence and condition us

16. Do not smoke or drink alcohol

It is scientifically proven, thealcohol and cigarettes have negative effects on the quality of the skin, especially in the long term. So, and in order to stay (or become) beautiful, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

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