7 funny messages to clear a heavy guy

You signed up for a dating website you type Meetic, SayTomorrow or HugAvenue, and after one or two dates, you don’t want to go any further. Unfortunately, he insists, he insists… to the point that you no longer know how to manage to free yourself from this insistent, and above all very heavy man. Here is some examples of SMS that you can use to regain your freedom.

How to release a heavy guy?

You wish clear a heavy guybut with class and humor, and you’re right, because you have the right not to be bothered. Put the shapes in it, so that the person feels respected, and possibly put a bit of humor in it, so that you have even more class. In this article, we will give you writing tips your message, but especially examples of messages, to repel a person who flirts with you, with a little too much insistence. And don’t forget, you are free from your bodyand your dating, and you have the right to reject advances.

Examples of funny messages to repel a heavy

The SMS to release a heavy guy in « I’m not hungry » mode

If the guy is a jerk, you can answer him tit for tat when he asks for lunch. He will not be disappointed with the trip:

When are you available for dinner?

When I’m hungry. But I’m on a diet here.

The message “delete my number” intended for a relou

You can be cash, and ask him directly to delete your number, so that you no longer receive derogatory messages from him:

How about going for a drink?

Can you erase my number, please? Thanks

The “I ask my boyfriend” text

Tell him that you’re already broke, and that your guy might get angry, red, if he learns that a « loudo » is trying to attack his darling:

How about going for a drink?

I’ll ask my guy what he thinks about it, and he’ll get back to you.

The “cash” SMS

Faced with an insistent man, you have the right to be cash, and to tell him not to insist:

Your message is nice, but I don’t want to spend time with you.

Thank you for continuing your search for love elsewhere.

The « error » message

You can make him understand that he got the wrong number, so he won’t feel like you gave him a rake. practice !

Would you like to go to dinner at the restaurant, Adeline?

Hello, My name is Robert, and I believe you are dialing the wrong number.

The text « my girlfriend »

Faced with a relou, find him an alternative by offering him a new prey to attack:

How about going for a drink?

You don’t want to go with Julie instead. She is single.

The “phony excuse” text message

Faced with a heavy, send him a bogus excuse, which he must include between the lines that you are not interested:

How about going to the park together?

Sorry, I have to prepare my horse for the Aqua Pony.

What advice to release an insistent man?

Some tips on the content of the message to send to reject a person you don’t like, and whom you don’t want to meet, while remaining on good terms:

  • First, the person must feel respected.
  • It’s important, so that she respects you in return.
  • The technique of not responding can work
  • But only in the long term, and you will have to be patient.
  • Obviously, the best is to have warned in advance that you do not want to go any further.
  • If he offers you a drink, do not mention any scheduling problems.
  • Because he may offer you again another time.
  • Keep your distance, and don’t empathize.
  • Be firm, and don’t try to leave hope.
  • And be brief in your response. He must not follow up on a conversation.
  • Finally, if it is harassment, you can contact the police to report it, and protect yourself.

If you have some questions techniques to ask about how to clear a heavy guy (see a stalker), you can do it in the comments:

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